Looking for keto meals on the go? Check out Keto On With Kerri

Keto On with Kerri

I get asked numerous questions about food I don’t have much experience or knowledge in, but that doesn’t prevent me from looking into it and trying those foods. One of the more popular questions centers around where to go for those on a keto diet. My reply is, “Have you ever heard of Keto On With Kerri?”

They are a locally owned ketogenic, diabetic friendly, gluten-free and sugar-free Meal prep and bakery that sells individual heat and eat meals, take and bake family sized casseroles and also specializes in cheesecakes, custom cakes, donut holes, Chaffles, pizzas, cookies, pudding, fatbombs, and other sweet treats.

It’s a home-based business where you can order meals online via their website or pick up desserts and take & bake meals at The COOP and Coffee House at 104 N Baltimore Road in Derby, KS.

Carryout meals available for purchase at The COOP and Coffee House
104 N Baltimore Ave, Derby, Kansas 67037

To order online or learn more:
Website | Facebook
Cash/Card Accepted

I’ll be straight up with you all, I know very little about the keto diet outside the basics. After seeing a pho dish advertised on their Facebook page, I was highly intrigued and had to give it a try. There was a wide selection of items to choose from at The COOP, and I came home with a big bag of goodies to eat.

There were cookie fat bombs, scones, cheesecake, sausage pizza, sausage and gravy biscuits and the aforementioned pho. Many of which I shared with family and friends.

One thing I didn’t share, though, was the pho. I picked up two containers. But after trying the first container, I had no desire to share the second one.

While it was called pho, it was more similar to ramen dishes I’ve had before. It didn’t have that rich, heartiness commonly found in pho. There was a more of a vibrant, zesty flavor which was delicious and more addicting with each bite. The fact that I don’t think it tasted like pho was irrelevant to me. I’m never concerned with titles and how closely something represents a dish. If the food taste good, that’s all that matters, and this pho was excellent. Preparing it only took a couple of minutes in the microwave. And after it was done, it was probably one of the more flavorful dishes I’ve had from any sort of business promoting a healthier eating lifestyle.

I followed that up with the “Rocky Road Cheesecaken”. This was a great ending to my lunch. I’ll admit it wasn’t as sweet and rich as most chocolate cakes you’ll find, but I suppose that’s also the trade off in the keto lifestyle… I don’t know.

Many of the other dishes were shared with others and probably the other big favorite was the sausage pizza and the cookie fat bombs.

Everything I had was certainly worthwhile and a million times better than I expected. If you’re on the keto diet or wanting to eat healthier but don’t have the time to make the food at home, Keto On With Kerri is definitely an option worth looking into. To make it more convenient, you can always swing by The Coop to pick up some dishes to try as well.

Happy Dining,

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