Our Choice for Window Tinting: 316Performance Car Care and Tinting

316Performance Car Care and Tinting

316Performance Car Care and Tinting

We were looking to have our SUV’s windows tinted and asked around on where to go. Some close friends suggested a place called 316Performance Car Care and Tinting.

It’s a locally owned shop owned by Paco Banda who started his business a couple of years ago. While he has been doing tinting for a long time, he decided to go off on his own and start 316Performance Car Care and Tinting.

Setting up an appointment was easy; all I did was call them up for a quote and see what times were available. I wanted to have everything done, including the windshield, while Megan wanted everything but the windshield.

The quotes we received were very competitive in the market and the reviews I read were very positive.

We dropped one car off in the morning and it was ready in the afternoon, and then dropped the other car off later in the day and picked it up the next day. The tint job looked great and we were very satisfied with the work.

What I personally loved about 316Performance Car Care and Tinting was that Banda had an open line of communication during the tinting job and even after in case you had any questions, he was very customer focused and had a great attitude, and there was a warranty with the tint job.

Banda offers other services, and I would certainly go back if I needed anything else done on my car.

316Performance Car Care and Tinting

I’m not in the business of reviewing shops like this, but I also believe in passing along good reviews when you receive fantastic service somewhere.

316Performance Car Care and Tinting is located at 621 N. Kessler. For more information, check them out on Facebook.

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