Is the grocery store, Sprouts, closing for good in Wichita?

Is the grocery store, Sprouts, closing for good in Wichita?

That’s the rumor on the street (well, social media street) after some employees from the store at 7728 E. Central Ave posted on Facebook that they were informed Sprouts would be closing at the end of the March.

I called the store to confirm and was told, “No comment and to refer to corporate.” That right there tells me it’s probably not a good situation. After reaching out to corporate, I didn’t get any response back from them. Likely because if they get an email from some wichitabyeb email, they’re most likely not going to look at it. I mean, I wouldn’t either.

It certainly sounds like it could be the end soon for the specialty grocery store that opened in 2017 that focused on natural and organic items. Should I get lucky and get a response from their corporate office, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Update: It’s been confirmed that Sprouts will indeed close their doors on April 1.

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