One of my favorite restaurants, Bento Cafe, has permanently closed along with their delicious sushi burritos

I knew it was eventually going to come, but I didn’t want to believe it. Now it’s true, Bento Cafe has permanently closed.

The restaurant specializing in sushi burritos used to make burritos too, having taken over a closed Poblano space in 2014. Their sushi burritos were a thing of beauty and was the main reason I would stop by there multiple times over the years. Well, that and the owners, who were top-notch people.

Located in the Crossroads Shopping Center at 550 N. Ridge Road, they have had their fair or problems since the pandemic started. It was a mountain of issues that became too much. They had a big boom of business late last year after social pleas for people to visit them brought sell out nights. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sustainable and Wichita lost a phenomenal restaurant.

I will miss them so much.

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