Revisiting Tacos La Pesada: The little trailer off 29th street in north Wichita

Tacos La Pesada

It’s been years since I last visited Tacos La Pesada. It’s a tiny mobile trailer located a few blocks west of 29th and Broadway. They are a bit off the beaten path in an area you may not even expect to find a taco truck; that is, unless you’re a seasoned veteran and know these are the exact type of places that hold some hidden gems.

102 E. 29th St, Wichita, KS 67204

Tuesday – Sunday: 3pm – 11pm
Closed on Monday

Cash Only

When you arrive and place your order, Tacos La Pesada is the only food truck I know of that gives complimentary chips and salsa. Nothing special here, but hey, it’s free and a decent appetizer as you wait for your food.

Tacos La Pesada

The menu didn’t have prices listed for tacos, but they were about $2.50 each. I went with a couple al pastor and some carne asada tacos along with their tostada de ceviche.

Don’t let the single tortilla bother you too much. The tortilla was thick, dense and grilled to give it a firm texture to keep the taco intact. Each one was packed with plenty of protein to give you a mouthful as well. I particularly loved the al pastor, which was delicious and slightly sweet.

Tacos La Pesada

What really blew me away was the tostada. I remember not being too overly thrilled with theirs on the first visit, but this time around was phenomenal. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but they really loaded the ceviche on this plate. It was easily one of my top three tostadas I’ve had from a truck in Wichita.

Tacos La Pesada

Nacho, the gentleman, who ran the truck, said he’s been doing it for roughly five years. He was a joy to talk to and made sure that every customer who walked up was happy. He was happy to step out and give extra chairs to people, more chips and salsa, whatever needed to make for an excellent food truck outing.

I brought some tacos home for the kids, who also loved them and wanted more. Anytime the kids are happy, I’m happy to return, so it looks like they are on our rotation now.

Here’s a video look at Tacos La Pesada:

@wichitabyeb When you find someone serving tacos in the middle of nowhere and only takes cash, you HAVE to stop by. #fyp #tacos #foodtrucks ♬ original sound – wichitabyeb

Here’s the menu:

Tacos La Pesada

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