The next trend opening in Wichita? Rage Rooms

Rage Rooms have nearly been a reality in Wichita. There’s been talk of some options opening up over the years, but those never came to fruition. Now it looks like it may finally arrive this year with not just one, but perhaps two options.

First off, if you’ve never heard of them before, a rage room is a controlled environment in which you can safely break objects for entertainment or to temporarily relieve stress.

The city’s first-ever “rage room”, a one-of-a-kind entertainment facility where you can safely break things, looks to have opened earlier this month. ICT RAGE Room is located at 2952 N. Arkansas. They had bookings available this past weekend, offering 30 minute time slots for $50.

And the city’s second rage room is hoping to open in early May. Outrage ICT will be located at 1885 S. Rock Road in the former Cinnamon’s Deli space in southeast Wichita.

Our city could literally go from zero rage rooms to two rage rooms in the matter of months. I can guarantee I’ll be checking one, if not both, of them in the future. Stay tuned for more.

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