Freezing Moo Revisited

Freezing Moo

With the warmer weather’s arrival, we will likely be visiting more family-friendly dessert options around town. After all, they have a sweet tooth, I have a blog, so let’s combine the best of both worlds and head over to Freezing Moo who specializes in rolled ice cream.

2755 N Maize Rd, Wichita, KS 67205

Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 9pm
Friday: 3pm – 10pm
Saturday: 1pm – 10pm
Sunday: 1pm – 9pm

Website | Facebook
Cash/Card accepted

There are two Freezing Moo locations in Wichita. One at 2684 N. Greenwich Rd and the location we visited at 2755 N. Maize Road.

If you’ve never been to Freezing Moo, the first step is ordering what you want. The menu has preset options, or you can create your own. The price for the rolled ice cream runs around $7. After you choose what you want, then you make your way over to the counter and watch your ice cream rolled. Here’s a video:


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For those people who have dietary concerns, Freezing Moo has dairy-free and vegan options available at no extra cost.

Freezing Moo has long been in our rotation of dessert stops. The kids occasionally ask us to take them there, and we oblige. They always glance over the menu for a few minutes, debate back and forth on what they want, make a decision, and then we will either sit on their patio or enjoy it inside. I, particularly, always love the texture of it. There’s nothing like it. The kids, well… they love anything sweet so it’s a win for them.

Freezing Moo

Freezing Moo

Freezing Moo

What dessert spot do we stop by next?

Here’s the menu:

Freezing Moo

Freezing Moo

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