Wichita’s Original Food Truck: The Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck

There are certain songs in life that bring a beautiful sense of nostalgia. For me, hearing the ice cream truck blasting its signature tune is one of them. Just hearing the music makes me stop what I’m doing and look around to see if they are nearby.

That happened recently when I was driving around and heard a faint tune that sounded familiar. After a couple of seconds, it hit me, “That’s the ice cream truck!!!!”. 

I made a quick turn into a neighborhood and start driving down each street looking for my favorite, familiar van that was a huge part of my childhood. Then I found it and waved the van down.

Ice Cream Truck

The van not only stops for children, but pathetic lame old men like myself who will drop anything on a dime for individually wrapped ice cream from a van.

My go to when I was a kid was the Pink Panther ice cream with gum ball for eyes. Those are since long gone from Wichita ice cream trucks and replaced with SpongeBob and Spider-Man. I also miss the Flintstones push-ups, but those too were replaced by a generic brand.

Most of the ice cream ran between $1-4. They also accepted CashApp, which was a modern day upgrade from the cash only process.

In the end, I went with a Spider-Man bar, fudge bar, push-up and a regular popsicle. It was $5 and change for everything. After that, I was a happy soul who ate my ice cream in 90+ degree weather.

Ice Cream Truck

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