First Look at Backyard Kitchen

Backyard Kitchen

The adventure of finding different eateries in the most random locations is what makes blogging fun. It can be hit or miss, though. Sometimes, you’ll find the most delicious meals, and other times, it’s a waste of money. I set out on my latest adventure when I dropped by USA Convenience & Retail at 1201 S. Water, which is the southwest corner of Lincoln and Water. Inside, you’ll find the newest dining spot that opened this summer called Backyard Kitchen.

1201 S Water, Wichita, KS 67213

Monday – Saturday: 10:30am – 9:30pm
Sunday: Noon – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Once you step inside USA Convenience & Retail, you’ll see a big sign for Backyard Kitchen at the north wall.

Backyard Kitchen

The menu featured many dishes, owners crafted to give diners a “backyard experience”. They offer smoked and grilled meats. A big portion of their menu is their signature exploded potatoes, which are baked potatoes that are opened to give you the visual of it being “exploded”. Of course, we had to go with an exploded potato. Typically, we would have ordered the brisket, but since they sold out, we stuck with pulled pork. We also went with a dirty bowl which consisted of chicken, beef, sausage, homemade rue over a bed of dirty rice.

At $8.39 and $5.99 for each dish, it was quite the value for what we received, especially when you compared it to prices around town.

I had the dirty bowl. The container of food packed a lot of flavor and punch. It wasn’t spicy, by any means, but provided a nice kick in each bite. There was plenty of meat to go around, and the portion size was just right to leave you satisfied and not stuffed. The exploded potato would definitely leave you stuffed if you wanted a larger meal. The pork had a pleasant smokiness to it, and Backyard Kitchen was certainly generous with it. Often times, baked potatoes from other establishments have small portions of meat. That wasn’t the case at Backyard Kitchen.

All in all, it was an affordable, quality meal from a place one probably wouldn’t expect while driving down the road. This is what you call a hidden gem… and one you must venture out to try.

Here’s a menu:

Happy Dining,

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