Mochinut coming to Wichita featuring mochi donuts, Korean hotdogs and more

Have you ever had a mochi donut before? If not, your chance will be coming later this year when Mochinut opens in Wichita.

The chain based out of California but originating in Hawaii is aiming for a fall opening. They will be taking over the former Subway space that most recently held Da Chicken Shak & More at 343 S. Greenwich Road. In case you’re wondering, Mochinut will be utilizing the drive-thru.

The menu will feature mochi donuts, Korean hot dogs, boba and soft serve.

If you’ve never had a mochi donut, it’s a combination of an American donut and a Japanese mochi. And if you’ve never had mochi, it’s a sweet and sticky ice cream that is basically a rice cake formed to a small, bite-sized confection with a chewy, smooth, elastic texture. From there, eight mochi balls are fried to create a donut-shaped pastry that offers a light, crispy exterior with a soft, chewy inside with the donut’s signature hole in the middle.

When they open, Mochinut will offer 25 different flavors that can be topped with different glazes. Over time, different flavors will be introduced. Such flavors include red velvet, peanut butter, pistachio, cookies & creme, matcha, ube, taro, coffee, churro and more.

Picture courtesy of Mochinut

On top of the mochi donut, Mochinut will sell Korean hot dogs, which aren’t often available in Wichita. They are best described as a hot dog coated with different ingredients, such as hot Cheetos and crispy ramen.

Picture courtesy of Mochinut

Soft serve and boba served in seltzer-like containers will round out the menu.

I’ve had mochi donuts before and loved the flavors and texture. It’s an entirely different take on donuts that, I think, will be a big hit in Wichita. When I hear an opening date for Mochinut, I’ll be sure to share. Until then, be sure to follow the Wichita location’s new Facebook page.

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