First Look at Miya Izakaya

A new Japanese and Korean restaurant serving sushi and Korean-style fried chicken has opened in the former Chalet space at 3030 N. Penstemon. Miya Izakaya opened in August and brought in many customers, which caused them to change some things since opening day.

Since then, they’ve trimmed down their menu, hired more staff and appear to be running more efficiently than early reports I read.

3030 N Penstemon St., Wichita, KS 67226

Monday – Saturday: 4pm – Midnight
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

If you love privacy, one of the nice things about Miya Izakaya is their booths are great for that.

Another thing to note is their menu is all accessible through tablets at the table. You place your orders on there, which can be nice because you don’t feel rushed. How many times has a server come to your table five times and asked, “Is everyone ready to order?”

Miya Izakaya

Once your order is placed, everybody is given a complimentary bowl of miso soup.

Miya Izakaya

My brothers and I ordered a bit of everything on the menu. We tried the chicken udon, Korean fried chicken, different rolls, assorted sashimi with futomaki, takoyaki and more. Here’s a look:

Miya Izakaya

Miya Izakaya

Miya Izakaya

Miya Izakaya

Miya Izakaya

Miya Izakaya

Miya Izakaya

We also made sure to enjoy some Korean soju which was grapefruit flavored and excellent.

Miya Izakaya

It was a lot of food and I’ll go over what I had.

The Crazy Tuna roll was easily my favorite, but the Lion King roll was also worth noting. The sashimi came in nice big chunks, and all that alone would have been enough for me.

But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Korean fried chicken; it’s different in the fact that the preparation is different, giving it an even crispier exterior than what most are accustomed to while maintaining that juicy interior. They certainly delivered on the chicken. We had the crispy soy sauce option which was sweet, yet salty.

All in all, we really enjoyed the food. There was a lot of hype going into Miya Izakaya when they opened. I think all the traffic and craziness of opening a restaurant made them pivot some things and retool. It’s rare I wait a month or so to visit a restaurant for the first time, but am glad I did in this instance.

Everything was great, including the service. Our server’s name was Rebecca and she was beyond outstanding; very personable, engaging, fun to speak to and made the whole experience even better.

They don’t have a printed menu, but you can view pictures of it here.

Happy Dining,

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