Dining by the Children’s Alphabet: Doma

On our Dining by the Children’s Alphabet feature, we had to select a place for the next letter in the alphabet, D. We decided to get a little classy and check out Doma at 7703 E. Douglas.

The hip restaurant in east Wichita known for the small plates offered something different for the kids. Instead of a small plate for the children, their kid’s menu featured something called The Doma Bento Box.

It came with your choice of chicken tenders, kids cheeseburger on a brioche bun, quesadilla, crispy vegetable spring rolls and mac & cheese. It’s served with fresh fruit, French fries, and a sweet baked treat. All this for $10.

After limited discussion and a rule of no negotiation, we agreed upon a quesadilla.


This was the first venture in our Dining by the Alphabet journey where she was finally joined by someone other than mom and dad. Her grandfather, aunt, and uncle came along, which made the night more exciting for her.

Despite falling asleep in the car on the way to Doma, her mood quickly changed from grumpy to cheerful in a matter of minutes.

The chef at Doma even hand-delivered the Bento Box for Emery. In a surprise move, the first thing she went for wasn’t the huge cupcake or fries, not even the sweet strawberries, but the quesadilla. It was a proud moment for dad, as maybe these Dining by the Alphabet trips can turn her into a more adventurous eater. I can only hope, right?

There was no pushback from her on eating. Having extra family around was a big distraction, which made her eat a little slower than usual, but it was a good thing Doma had a happy hour menu available with cocktails for the adults.


It was a ton of food and a bento box most adults would probably want to order themselves. The cupcake itself was probably the size of my daughter’s head. Upon finishing most of her dinner, we eventually let her eat the cupcake, but what she really did was eat the icing…. nearly all of it.

Either way, Emery had a wonderful time surrounded by family who loves her. That was the true blessing of the night, at least for mom and dad. If you asked Emery, she’d say it was the cupcake. Now on to my favorite letter: E.

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7703 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67207

Tuesday – Wednesday: 3pm – 10pm
Thursday: 3pm – 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 3pm – Midnight
Sunday: 11am – 9pm

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Cash/Card Accepted

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