Did Wichita get less angry by two restaurants?

The Angry Elephant

The big question I’ve been receiving is, “What has happened to Angry Elephant?”.

Truth is, I don’t know.

What I do know is their website has been shut down and their Facebook pages are no longer available.

The Angry Elephant’s west side location at 756 N Tyler Road was said to be changing hands late last year. That was from a post made on their Facebook page. No update has been given since, and the phone number for that store is not working.

Then there’s their south side location at 111 E 47th St. S. that opened in the summer of 2022. No one has been answering their phone and the location has been closed for around two weeks. People have told me they were open as late as the end of December, but not a peep since. The phone lines are still working, but their Facebook page for that particular store is no more.

It’s hard to say yet if this is the end of the BBQ restaurant, who originally opened in 2017 at 31st and Hillside. But in the past, when restaurants have shut down their websites and social media pages, history has told us they’re closed.

If we hear any more information on The Angry Elephant, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

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