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Old Mill Tasty Shop Revisited

This year marked the 90th year of business for Old Mill Tasty Shop . That’s quite an achievement considering the lifespan of an average restaurant. For them to make it

Quincy's Bar & Grill

Quincy’s Bar & Grill Revisited

It’s probably been 5-7 years since I last stepped foot inside Quincy’s Bar & Grill. The drinking hole on West Street used to be a place we would frequent occasionally. Funny

The Wing Express

First Look at The Wing Express

There might be a few food trucks around town I haven’t tried, so I’m hoping to spend my summer completing visits to all of them. One of the first to

Shurley Concessions

First Look at Shurley Concessions

One of the new food trucks around town, mostly Valley Center, is Shurley Concessions. While they do make it out to Wichita, you’ll mostly find them out in our city neighbor

Grindhouse Killer Burgers - Blandest Burgers

One of the blandest burgers I’ve ever had

I recently had one of the blandest burgers ever. It also makes me wonder how many restaurant owners clicked on this particular blog, praying their name it wasn’t mentioned. Well,