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Eggroll Express

Eggroll Express Revisited

While out trying to decide what to eat for dinner, I returned to a restaurant that was a big pleasant surprise for me. Eggroll Express is located in a strip

Saigon Bistro Revisited

They’ve been closed for nearly a year and after shutting down because of COVID, Saigon Bistro has finally reopened. The restaurant located at 3123 E Pawnee has been missed by so

Pho Ong 8 Revisited

While trying to find a place to eat, I let my mother be the decision-maker. Her choice? Pho Ong 8. She hadn’t checked out the restaurant since they moved to

First Look at Eggroll Express

It’s no secret that south side restaurants rarely get as much love or attention compared to places located out in the northwest or northeast parts of town. But I’m here