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Sprouts sushi just $5 every Wednesdays

After writing about Dillon’s $5 sushi, many readers were quick to point out and beat me to the punch on my next article. Dillon’s isn’t the only player in town

Dillons Sushi

Dillons sushi for just $5 every Friday

Let’s face it, Dillon’s has their share fare of Sushi fans. For it’s convenience, there have been many times I’ve stopped by while grocery shopping to pick up some sushi. While

Blue Fin Sake Bar

First Look at Blue Fin Sake Bar

With a large Asian community in Wichita, there is definitely no shortage of options in town for any cuisine whether it be Pho, Pad Thai, Quick Style Chinese Food, you

Mizu Sushi

Mizu Sushi: Home of All You Can Eat Sushi

Back in September a new sushi restaurant opened in Wichita and recently started something that I have rarely seen in Wichita. It’s All You Can Eat Sushi! It’s a concept

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine: The Half Price Sushi

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine has been in Wichita since 2015 and to attract more customers has been offering half-price sushi on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Tokyo Japanese Cuisine is located at