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Freezing Moo

Freezing Moo Revisited

With the warmer weather’s arrival, we will likely be visiting more family-friendly dessert options around town. After all, they have a sweet tooth, I have a blog, so let’s combine

Raspados Y Mas

First Look at Raspados Y Mas

A new food truck has opened outside of Puerto El Triunfo at 1714 E. Northern St. It’s called Raspados Y Mas and they celebrated their opening on Wednesday. They serve a

Bongo Fruit Smoothies

Bongo Fruit Smoothies Revisited

During food truck events, you always want at least one dessert option; something sweet or preferably cool when it’s hot out. That’s why one of the staples you see a

Paleteria La Fuente

Paleteria La Fuente Revisited

Paleteries are popular and many people visit many of the prominent ones in Wichita. We’re here to shed some light on some of the less-talked about spots such as Paleteria La