Category: Dessert

Andy Kay's Cookies

First Look at Andy Kay’s Cookie Camper

One of the cutest mobile food trailers has officially hit the streets of Wichita. Andy Kay’s Cookie Camper is a 1971 teardrop camper that was renovated to serve Andy Kay’s Cookies.

Bakesale Treat Parlor

First Look at Bakesale Treat Parlor

A new dessert shop is now open at Bradley Fair in the former Marble Slab Creamery space next door to Lululemon. If you remember Peace, Love, & Pie who closed

Freezing Moo

Freezing Moo Revisited

With the warmer weather’s arrival, we will likely be visiting more family-friendly dessert options around town. After all, they have a sweet tooth, I have a blog, so let’s combine

Raspados Y Mas

First Look at Raspados Y Mas

A new food truck has opened outside of Puerto El Triunfo at 1714 E. Northern St. It’s called Raspados Y Mas and they celebrated their opening on Wednesday. They serve a

Bongo Fruit Smoothies

Bongo Fruit Smoothies Revisited

During food truck events, you always want at least one dessert option; something sweet or preferably cool when it’s hot out. That’s why one of the staples you see a