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The Eatery Worst Buffet

The Worst Buffet We’ve Ever Had

We were at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa for a little getaway and needed something to eat. Nobody could decide on what they wanted to eat so we took

Cabron Y Vagos

First Look at Cabron Y Vagos

A new restaurant and nightclub concept has recently taken over the former Headz & Tailz space at 301 N. Washington. If you’re into the local restaurant and food truck scene,


Trying Braum’s Big Country Breakfast

This is an impromptu blog (as is 90% of what I write). One of the kids was craving the cappuccino chunky chocolate ice cream from Braum’s. There just happened to be a sale


What to expect at Topgolf

For as long as I can remember, people in Wichita have been wanting Topgolf to come and now it’s here. One of the most anticipated entertainment facilities celebrates their grand opening