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David's Express

First Look at David’s Express

What has recently been a Tacos Lopez, Alejandro’s and then a Lalo’s Express is now David’s Express. The fast food Mexican restaurant with a similar menu to the previous tenants

Abuelita's Cocina

First Look at Abuelita’s Cocina

A new food truck opened in the fall of 2022 and debuted at one of the Halloween events around Wichita. Abuelita’s Cocina serves street tacos, tortas, burritos, and quesadillas. ================= Facebook 316-768-7132

Pho Ong Gia Cali

First Look at Pho Ong Gia Cali

This one may look familiar to some people. There’s a new Vietnamese restaurant that has taken over a space that was most recently occupied by Pho MC 2 at 1750