COVID-19 update of restaurants opened and closed in the Wichita area

Amid all the craziness surrounding COVID-19, some restaurants have decided to close, change their hours or change how customers get their food. Whether it’s take-out, delivery or carryout, we want to get the best information out to our readers now that dine-in is not allowed.

Over the past week, we’ve been working diligently in collecting as much information as possible on who is open, who is closed and who has changed their business in some capacity. This is the most complete information you’ll find for the Wichita area anywhere. Enjoy it for free and support the Wichita dining community if you can. If you’re staying in for the whole time, perhaps like as many of your restaurants on Facebook as possible and even give them a positive review online.

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FYI, any restaurant listed with a question mark (?) is one we have not been able to confirm yet. Any curbside pick-up has been combined into the carryout option as it’s less information for us to gather.

If you are a restaurant owner or know the details of one we are missing, please email us!

Last Updated: 5/5


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