Wichita Guide to Dollar Taco Deals & More

Looking for the best taco deals around town? Look no further! I’ve updated our Taco Tuesday list to include taco specials for roughly a dollar in the Wichita area.

Please note with the coronavirus, some of these specials could change at a moments notice or the restaurant could be temporarily closed. It’s always best to call and confirm. If you know of any we’re missing, feel free to email us.

Click on each restaurant to get more information, reviews and more.

A & J’s Music Room, 1602 S Meridian
$1.50 fried tacos everyday, 99-cent fried tacos on Tuesday

Angela’s Cafe and Cantina, 2119 W 21st St.
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Azul 21 Mexican Restaurant, 2959 S. Hillside
$1 carne asada and adobado tacos on Tuesday and Thursdays

Bingo Casino, multiple locations
50-cent crunchy tacos on Wednesday

Bourbon Street, 3863 S. Seneca St.
99-cent fried tacos on Tuesday until 9pm

Burger Central, 3302 W Central Ave
99-cent crunchy or soft tacos on Tuesday

Chico’s Mexican Restaurant, 4407 W Maple
$1.25 street tacos on Tuesday

Dudley’s Irish Pub, 8550 W. 21st St.
99-cent tacos (minimum order of 2) only Saturdays only

El Alamo Mexican Restaurant, 1770 N Broadway
$1 street tacos on Tuesday

El Papa Pollo Restaurant, 808 W 25th St.
$1 soft tacos on Tuesday

El Patio Cafe, 424 E. Central Ave
$1 corn street tacos ($1.50 flour street tacos) on Tuesday

El Pollo Dorado, 128 W 21st St.
$1 tacos on Tuesday

El Ricardo’s Mexican Food, 503 N West St. & 9310 W. Central
$1 tacos on Tuesday

El Rio Bravo Supermarket, 2501 S Seneca
$1 tacos on Tuesday

El Viejito Mexican Restaurant, 4722 S Broadway
$1.50 tacos on Tuesday

Executive Lounge, 4000 S. Broadway
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Gerardo’s Restaurant, 2801 W Central Ave
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Goyo’s Mexican Fast Food, 5355 N Broadway (Park City, KS)
99-cent chicken or beef tacos on Tuesday

La Zacatecana Mexican Fast Food, 1710 S West St.
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Leo’s Taqueria, Food truck at Pawnee & Seneca
$1 tacos on Wednesday from 4 to 9 p.m.

Lina’s Mexican Restaurant, 3570 N Woodlawn & 4910 E Central
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Los Cabos, 3927 W. 13th St
99-cent tacos on Tuesday

Los Compadres Mexican Grill, 3213 N Toben
$1 street tacos on Tuesday

Mulligans Pub, 8343 E 32nd St.
99-cent chicken of 75-cent beef tacos on Wednesday

O’Malley’s Irish Pub, 2405 W 31st St. S
99-cent fried tacos from 5pm – Midnight on Tuesday and Thursday

Port of Wichita, 1548 S. Webb Road
75-cent tacos on Tuesday

Rene’s Restaurant #3, 220 W. West St.
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Silvia’s Authentic Mexican Cuisine, 2345 N Broadway
$1 tacos on Wednesday

Shooters, 2726 S. Hydraulic
$1 tacos on Tuesday

SouthRock Bar & Grill, 2020 S. Rock Road
75-cent corn tacos on Tuesday

Spaulding’s Food & Drink, 220 W 3rd St. (Andover, KS)
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Snoops Bar & Grill, 2301 E Mt. Vernon
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Taco Fajita, 1004 S Meridian
$1.25 tacos everyday

Tacos & Gorditas Torres, 901 E. Harry
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Taco Grande, 2255 S Seneca & 2315 W 21st St.
99-cent hard shell tacos on Tuesday

Taco Pronto, 8385 W 21st St.
.70 corn tacos all day

Taco Rio, 1022 W Douglas Ave
75-cent tacos on Tuesday

Tacos TJ 664, 803 N West St.
$1 adobada tacos on Thursday

UNO MAS, 1920 W 21st St. & 8641 W 13th St N.
$1 al pastor tacos on Friday

Vorshay’s Cocktail Lounge, 417 E Douglas
$1 tacos on Tuesday

Whiskey Dick’s, 801 S Seneca St.
99-cent tacos on Thursday

If you know of one we’re missing or a restaurant needs to be updated, email us!

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