Editorial Team Info

Editorial Team Info

THE Wichita By E.B. EDITORIAL BOARD is made up of one opinion blogger who relies on research, debate and individual expertise to reach a shared view of important issues.

The board argues for a world that is both free and fair, believing that societies must struggle to reconcile these values in order to succeed.

Since its founding in 2011, the board has, above all, believes that the fearless exchange of information and ideas is the surest means of resisting tyranny and realizing human potential.

The editor of Wichita By E.B. also known as Eddy B, a lifelong Wichita resident.

Eddy is the sole writer for Wichita E.B. and oversees all content on the page. All content found on the website is only written by one person. Guest articles and stories, if ever posted on this website, will attribute the author at the time of publication. Anonymous stories and articles are not posted.