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There’s nothing to do in Wichita is a lie

Every Tuesday, we release our update of the best things to do in Wichita.

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Our guides are the bread and butter of the blog. They are not lazily put together. Lots of time, effort, money and most of all, personal experience goes into making the guides possible. What you read are our own adventures, not content stolen or put together from other review sites.

Looking for all the places in Wichita to get tamales this holiday season?

Locally owned businesses are the heart of our city. Here’s a list of some fantastic little shops in town.

Looking for affordable tacos throughout town? This is the list for you.

Who did the readers vote as the best in Wichita?

The Family Fun Series

We are big believers in family and taking the kids out to enjoy all the amenities in Wichita. If there’s entertainment in town for the kids, we are there!

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The restaurant reviews is where it all started for us in 2011. Over 1,000 restaurants, food trucks, bars and more have been covered over the past decade.

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