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Back in 2015, we reviewed Jinji Korean Grill & Bar. While the food was excellent, we only made one visit and never returned. Such was the case with many people citing high prices. It was short-lived and Jinji closed down.

Soon after, they reopened under a new name with a revamped menu. Here we are in a couple years later finally making our way back to check out the rebranded GangNam Korean Grill & Bar.

210 N Washington St
Wichita, KS 67202

Monday - Friday: 11am - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday: 12pm - 10pm

Cash/Card Accepted


The basic concept and look of GangNam Korean Grill & Bar is the same as Jinji. We would say not much has changed except for the menu which will be posted at the end of this blog.

What makes GangNam stick out from the other Korean restaurants in town are the grilling tables. They are special tables with circular gas grills where you can cook your meal or watch your meal being cooked for you.

They also have a traditional menu to order from so you can dine at a nongrill table. But let's face it, you might as well try out the grilling table on your trip to GangNam. It's an experience and fun for all that's involved. My friends and I have done both the grill yourself and let them grill it for you. If you want our opinion, let them grill it for you. They know what they are doing.

For our most recent visit, we sat at the grilling table and ordered off of the BBQ menu. They have different options to choose from. The Course A offers three different meats at $39.95, Course B has four meats at $59.95, Course C has five meats at $79.95 and Course D has six meats at $99.95.

Course A is good for 2-3 people, Course B is good for parties of 4-5 and it just scales up from there. For our party of four we went with Course B.

We also started off with the appetizer sampler which included all fried items of calimari, eggrolls, tempura, gyoza and other items. We weren't too fond of the sampler. The items were a little too overfried.

If you order one of the BBQ course meals, it comes with unlimited sides of steamed rice, bowls of kimchi, marinated cucumbers, bean sprouts, julienne carrots and radishes. A plate of romaine lettuce leaves comes along with it as well so you can make your own lettuce wraps with the meat if you care to. Along with that, you're also given sesame oil and two different red chili sauces.

There's no denying you're getting your money's worth with the BBQ course meals. We found ourselves picking way at all the sides with our chopsticks before the meat even came out.

Then the real fun began when our cook brought our meat out and started cooking. One by one our cook would place the pork belly, bulgogi, brisket and marinated short ribs on the grill. When she was finished cooking one meat, she would split it up evenly and place it on everyone's plate and start on the next meat option.

We ate like kings and were served like kings. It was an amazing experience. Our cook was so wonderful, helpful and upbeat. Before placing each meat, she would explain what it was. When it was finished, she would let us know which sauces worked best with it along with which sides she preferred to eat it with.

One of my friends said, "Wow, they really gave us the varsity squad tonight!" in regards to service. Our server/cook's name was Yong. The next time we go back, we will be sure only to ask for her. She's simply fantastic and someone you too should request when you go in. Some servers in that type of setting may cook the food for you in silence, not engage you and ready for it to be over with. Yong gave us the type of service that made us feel like she cared and treated us as her own children.

Back to the food now. Our favorite was the pork belly strips. It was like eating tender thin slices of bacon. The second favorite was the marinated bulgogi. As you can see from the Instagram video posted below, it has a calming sizzle while on the grill and released a great aroma that made your mouth water. After the first bite, it made your mouth water even more.

A post shared by Wichita By EB (@wichitabyeb) on

Course B was $59.95 split four ways. We couldn't even finish our food; stuffed would be an understatement.

Our visit to GangNam turned out to be one of those dining events that you just want to tell your friends about. It was highlighted by friendly service and ended with an amazing meal. Besides the appetizer sampler, there's not much negative to be said for GangNam.

Count us in as return visitors in the near future.... we'll make sure to request Yong too.

Happy Dining,


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Word of mouth is the best way for a business to thrive. I wanted to take this time to tell you a story of an issue I had and the company I used to remedy the situation.

Let me take you back to a couple weeks ago. It was in the middle of the night and I was in a deep sleep. This was all during a terrible thunderstorm. All of the sudden I woke up and could hear banging on my roof and noises in my house. It... freaked.... me.... out. The noises in my house started getting louder and louder.

I did what any sane person would do at 3 am in a daze. I grabbed the biggest weapon I could find by my bedside: the TV remote. Anybody who knows me knows I'm not an intimidating looking person. Put a TV remote in my hand and it gets even worse. As I walked out of my bedroom with weapon in hand, I probably looked like the poor soul in every horror movie that makes you say, "This idiot is going to die." I should have just stayed in my bed and hid under the covers.

As I tiptoed around my house, nothing looked alarming. I quickly made my way back to bed, contemplated watching Saved by the Bell reruns on Netflix but instead decided to sleep before work the next day. That morning I told my story to some colleagues and a co-worker told me it must have been trees or leaves banging against the house because of the winds. It made sense in my head but then again, so does buying deviled eggs at 2 am in a gas station in Parsons, KS. True story. I thought nothing again of that fateful evening.

Fast forward a week later and I'm at home watching TV. All the sudden I heard a banging sound coming from my ceiling. The sound of footsteps scurried across the ceiling from one end to another. It happened again. I thought to myself, "Oh sh*t." It was some heavy sounding steps like a dog or even worse...... a raccoon. I put my shoes on and made my way towards the attic entrance. Suddenly it occurred to me that I've seen enough horror movies to know I didn't want to be that idiot that could die. Overly dramatic? Yes but I wanted to be one overly dramatic soul that lived to see another day......and blog about it.

The next morning, I did a quick google search on removing animals in the attic. One of the first results that came up was Kansas Wildlife Professionals. I dialed 316-500-2606 and told them the manlier version of the story about how I thought I had a raccoon in my attic and didn't want to deal with it in case it had rabies. The whole time I had my chest sticking out like I was a bad bad man.

The actual culprit
Kansas Wildlife Professionals came out that day to do a quick consultation and checked my attic. Come to find out it wasn't a raccoon or a dog or an evil ax murderer. Nope.... just squirrels! It looked as though squirrels had made their way into my attic, bit into things, pooped without wiping, hung out and possibly even stole my internet.

Kansas Wildlife Professionals set up more time with me the next day patched up any entry ways into my attic, cleaned up the mess my intruders left behind and set up escape ways for them. If there were any squirrels left in my attic they would be able to leave out an exit door but not come back in. They kept it humane and better yet beat any prices in town.

I spoke with the owner Ted Duncan and his crew for the past two days they came out and they were nothing but professional and courteous. He's been doing this for ten years now and answered every question I had without making me feel like an idiot. He did an honest job and that's all anybody could ask for. All their work is guaranteed as well.

They left such a great impression, I had to make it a point to write a review on them. While I hope animals never get into your house, if it does be sure to use Kansas Wildlife Professionals and tell Ted Duncan that Wichita By E.B. sent you. They handle humane trapping and removal of all sorts of animals, damage repair and restoration, decontamination and dead animal removal. They did what my TV remote and I couldn't do at 3 in the morning.

Thanks to them, I lived to see another day.....and blog about it.



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Fetch Neighbor now in Wichita!
Delivery services have come and gone in Wichita but one company is hoping they have what it takes to be a mainstay in the city.

Our latest review covers Fetch Neighbor; a service that delivers what you want on demand.

Fetch Neighbor is relatively new to Wichita and a service that is locally owned in Wichita and not franchised from a national company.

Quick Scoop:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 12am
Saturday and Sunday: 11am - 12am


Only form of payment accepted is card (no cash)


I recently heard of Fetch Neighbor and have always been a bit skeptical of using a service like that. Would it be worth the money? Am I too lazy to go get what I needed myself? These are questions I've asked each time a new delivery service would open up in town.

It was time to stop asking the questions.

Before we go into my experiences with Fetch Neighbor, let's go over how the concept works.

At Fetch Neighbor, you pay a flat delivery fee of $7.49 for any place within 5 miles from your location. If it's further away, it is 50 cents for every additional mile. This courier/delivery service will go to restaurants, pick up laundry, grab groceries, you name it. Fetch Neighbor will also tack on an additional 2.34% convenience fee to your order total. That is nothing to be overly concerned about as it isn't much in the grand scheme of things.

There are some extra charges to be aware of though.
  • Your max total for a restaurant can only be $70 before you get an additional $7.49.
  • For groceries, your first 10 items are covered within your $7.49 delivery fee. Every 10 items after that will cost $2 extra. 
  • The same applies for other types of deliveries like dry cleaning for instance.
  • Everything you order must be able to fit inside a sedan. 
  • No alcohol or tobacco can be delivered.
When you figure out what you want ordered, you go to their website, Once you're there, fill out your contact information, the name of the store/restaurant, what you want, any additional comments and you're essentially all set. You pay for everything when it's delivered.

For my test run of Fetch Neighbor, my colleagues and I decided to place an order at one of my favorite restaurants, Yokohama Ramen Joint. At 8 am, I asked for their Spicy Fried Rice, Yokohama Style Ramen, Miso Ramen and Spicy Miso Ramen in my order. In the notes, I asked for it to arrive before noon. Upon submitting my request, I received an e-mail confirmation within minutes.

By 11:45 am, the driver was waiting outside with our food. He had our order stored in one of their  bags similar to what you see pizza delivery people keep pizza in but much larger. 

Our driver was very courteous and friendly in the very brief time we interacted. All I had to do was give him my card to swipe for the charges, handed him a tip, and we were off. 

The food was still warm and of course delicious. 

Was using the service worth it for us? Absolutely. 

Driving to Yokohama Ramen Joint would have taken us roughly 30-40 minutes there and back. There was also the unknown factor of how long we may have had to wait for a table. The time we saved in productivity definitely made up for it. 

This type of service is definitely something we could see ourselves using again in the future. If there's 5 or 6 of us craving food from somewhere that may be a bit out of the way, we could easily split the delivery fee and it'd be a couple dollars for the convenience and time saved per person. Something, I wouldn't even blink an eye at for the time saved.

If this was just for myself, it probably wouldn't be worth it at that price; so much better for groups of people. 

One co-worker mentioned she could see herself using this when she has a home full of sick kids and can't make it out to go get either some much needed groceries or even food. 

Everybody's use case would obviously be a bit different from one another but from our experiences with Fetch Neighbor, we were very pleasantly surprised with it. 

From what I was able to find out, they are in the works of getting an app made to work with their service along with more features like real time tracking and actual menus on their site. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for discounts they post.

In the meantime, it's very likely we will be using this again. Famous #8 at the Artichoke delivered anyone?

Happy Dining!


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What’s one of the big new name restaurants to hit Wichita, KS? None other than AVI Seafood and Chophouse.


They are located in Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview. I really wanted to check this place out so I enlisted the assistance of a longtime guest diner who has joined in on Letters A-I: Tiffany. We went to AVI on New Year’s Eve, a night where many restaurants “step their game up” so to speak.

Before all that, I purchased a gift voucher from for around $6. It gave me $50 off my meal as long as I spend $100. How hard could it be for two people to ring up a $100 tab at a high end restaurant? Well on New Year's Eve, it was VERY hard.

We had reservations for 9 pm. Arrive just a few minutes before and they seat us right away. So far so good. We sit there and wait for our server to come take our drink orders. About five minutes go buy and a server comes up and asks "Have you been helped yet?". We answer no and he replies ok and says somebody will be right with us. Tick tock..... tick tock.... More time goes by. The same server comes by about five more minutes later and says, "You guys still haven't been helped yet? He'll be here in just a minute. If not, I'll help you." Ok, not off to a good start.

A couple minutes and finally our server comes out. We immediately order some crab cakes not sure if we’d ever see our server again. He comes back shortly to take our drink order and we each order a cocktail and a glass of wine along with an order of lobster rolls (which is a lettuce wrap but with lobster inside).

Our crab cakes come out. At this time, we decide to order two bowls of their lobster bisque soup. Regarding the crab cakes, I was told by a friend that the crab cakes at AVI were the best in Wichita. After a couple bites, Tiffany didn't think they were. She thought the ones from Bonefish were much better. Her quote: "They taste like cheeseburgers" as if they were cooked on the same grill next to one. I thought they were ok, nothing to write home about.

During this entire time, we're still waiting on our drinks, the soup, and the OTHER appetizer. Our server even mentions a couple times, your drinks are on the way. After a while, FINALLY our server comes out with our drinks. That was about 10-15 minutes from the order time. Immediately after that, our lobster bisque comes out which Tiffany thought was absolutely delicious. I thought it was ok. We thought bits of lobster would have been a nice touch.

During this time, we're still wondering where our lobster rolls are at. Our server even came by at one point and says, "Did you guys get your lobster rolls yet? Didn't think so." and walks off. So 25 minutes go by from the time we ordered them to the time we received them. Our server tells us, they are comped.

Dangit, we have to order more drinks! So Tiffany orders a couple more glasses of wine while I sit there complaining about how lousy our service was. Restaurant lesson to all the readers out there. Ways to cope with bad service: Drink Or Complain Or DO BOTH!

There was literally a point during all this, we contemplated just paying for the apps and drinks and leaving. We decided on staying.

We order our entrees. I go with the Spice Crusted Duck (came with parsnip whipped potatoes and grilled asparagus) and Tiffany goes with the Grilled Scottish Salmon (edamame succotash, griddle potatoes, and roasted tomato butter). This was the first time I've ever had duck before and it was DELICIOUS! Wasn't too big on the grilled asparagus which we were pretty sure were snap peas. The whipped potatoes which Tiffany thought was tasty were ok in my opinion. The first few bites into the salmon, Tiffany thought it was to die for. It was full of succulent flavor (I’ve seriously been waiting to use the word succulent in a blog for the past year and not even sure I used it appropriately). I even tried a bite, cooked to perfection. As she kept getting more towards the center, she noticed it wasn't cooked all the way through and wasn't in the mood to eat raw salmon on a night that would be followed up by New Year's Eve celebrating. So she didn't finish her salmon. The server never did ask how to cook the salmon so for some people it may have been ok but for Tiffany it wasn’t. I ate each portion of my duck, it had a dry look to it but didn't taste that way. Loved it. The sides, I could do without though.

So we did some quick math on our numbers. We figured we'd need to order another drink and two desserts to reach one hundred dollars.

We ask our server what the desserts were and he told us he could bring them all out on display. That worked for us. Not too much time goes by and the dessert tray is out (geez, if he worked just as hard in getting our apps out that would have been nice). He goes through each of the six desserts. We kind of gave each other the "meh" look as none of them really sounded good. We end up ordering just one dessert: the orange cheesecake. We did the math again and figured we'd need one more dessert to put us over $100. This was a rough estimate because we had no idea how much one of the cocktails and the desserts cost. When the server came back with our dessert, we asked for one more dessert to go and our ticket.

The orange cheesecake was very blah and didn't pack any flavor into it. Our server comes back and tells us he comped our second dessert to go because of the wait and hands us our ticket.

GREAT! We needed that dessert to get us over $100 and get us the hell out of there! The two comped items wasn’t enough to make up for the bad service. AVI on their site claims to be a four star restaurant. Does the fifth missing star stand for service cause that’s definitely where it lacked.

What was our final tab? $99.50 not including tax. Our gift voucher stated our tab must be $100 not including taxes or gratuity. We looked through our ticket. Two comped items and four glasses of wine which were supposed to be $8 according to the menu, we were charged $9. So even with a wrong price on four drinks, we still couldn't hit $100. We figured, we'd just give him the voucher and see if he said anything. He didn't say a word.

Received our ticket, paid it, grabbed our to go dessert and left.

To make matters worse, when we tried the dessert later (vanilla bean cake), it sucked.

Honestly overall it was just one of the worst services I've ever had in a restaurant. The constant waiting got so old. Not so sure we'll be going to AVI again. Tiffany called it one of the worst dining experiences she's ever had. I'm hoping she was talking about the service and not the company.

On the way out, we ran into some friends who were dining there. They had similar experiences as us with the lousy service. They said their night was slowly approaching three hours at a restaurant because of the waits. One of them even said, “Service was almost like it was an inconvenience for us to be here. Our waitress told my wife that the chef was angry people were ordering entrees with substitutions.”  Who says that, really?

AVI. What does that stand for. Annoying and Very Inconvenient.

AVI Seabar & Chophouse on Urbanspoon

Sunday evening, a couple friends wanted to go up to Fox and Hound to watch the Cowboys game and have a couple beers. I thought to myself, "Why not, maybe I'll go in and see what the service will be like." I wrote back in March of 2011 the following line in the Dining by the Alphabet Letter F blog:
When deciding on our place, we were aiming for something most people haven't been to yet. Your staple F's like Fox and Hound (one of the worst customer service spots in Wichita hands down) and Felipes, many of you have all been to.
 I openly felt that Fox and Hound had possibly the worst customer service in all of Wichita at least on the east side.

My friends and I arrive at 7:29 p.m. A greeter opens the door for us and welcomes us. Nice. We sat ourselves at a hightop in the main bar where the most traffic flows through. We sit at the only high top table that was available. It was dirty, napkins lying around, food crumbs, we figured the server would just come clean it as somebody probably just left.

A few minutes go by and we see servers literally passing by us. No hellos. Nothing.

7:39 comes up and I start to find it amusing. I tell everybody at the table to not grab a single server, we'll just wait to see how long it takes for them to realize us.

7:50 pm hits......still nothing.
7:51 pm.....a server looked at us (YES!!!!)
7:52 pm......said server walks by

7:55 pm.......I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming

7:56 pm......Are we in Sixth Sense? Are we alive?

7:57 pm hits and I see a manager walking out of a door. A friend of mine points out that he is in fact the manager. So I decide to go ahead and walk up to him. Here's how our friendly conversation went if you're interested:
Eddy: "Hi my name is Eddy. I decided to come in here with some friends to just check out the place. We arrived at about 7:30 and not a single person has came up to our table, took our order or just noticed we're here."
Manager: "Ok, let me go check on it."
He leaves and next thing we know a server comes around and apologizes and says that's not how we do business here and we're sorry. She said the manager was going to buy us a round of drinks and brought us chips and salsa. That was the end of that. It would have been nice to see the manager show face and apologize himself but he was too busying fraternizing with the female servers.

Our server takes care of us until halftime and she informs us she has to leave. She actually did a good job and was friendly. We tabbed out with her and was given a new server. Literally one of my friends had to wait the length of an entire quarter to get his tab so he could leave once the new server arrived.

I've tried to give this place a chance. Not sure why because the food is not that good. So I took a little mini-survey on Twitter and Facebook to gauge others thoughts on Fox and Hound and here's literally the responses I received.
  • Won't eat there. Too many times with poor service and poor food. Can't believe they are still open.
  • I think their food is gross and their service is meh.
  • I only go there for pint nights. That place usually had terrible food and service
  • That place is terrible. We won't go there for anything, not even Shocker watch parties. Their food is disgusting. Drinks are overpriced.
  • Way overpriced crappy food :-)
  • yucky food. blech! I was accidentally served raw chicken wings -gag!!!
  • Always bad service
  • I never strayed past nachos, but I think they're good. Aaaand they have cider beer on tap - win for me. Just trying to even out the comments :)
  • Few times I've been there had nice, friendly bartender and waitstaff but food taste and price sub par. And cant believe they charge boo-coo cover on fight nights. 
  • The last time I ate there I ordered a pizza from Papa John's. That place sucks.
  • Its not bad, but definitely not the best food. They should commit industrial espionage and steal old Chicago's cook book.
  • I've never had good service there. It always takes forever to get anything and then I sit there for a half hour with an empty glass when I'm finished.  
  • The nachos did not have nearly enough toppings and the chips were layered with salt.
    The wings that the wife and I shared where the wrong ones, Super Hot instead of Spicy Garlic/Mild. We got a new order but after about 30 minutes.
    The staff is very SLOW, but speed and mentally.
    The baked beans my in laws had were so salty they were not edible.
    30 minutes to get our check and that was before the game was over. 
  • The Fox is "ok" -- just take it for what it's worth. The only time I go there is after work and they seem to be pretty solid, but that may be b/c they've gotten to know our crowd. Oh well. If you go there for lunch, it's also not a bad place. 
  • I will never go there again
So there are the comments. Now at least I don't feel alone in my thinking that the place is horrible. Thanks to everybody who shared with me their thoughts on Fox and Hound. If you would, share this on your twitter feed or Facebook profile. Hopefully Fox and Hound can take some notes and fix the problems they have which seem to begin with service.

I have sent this blog to anybody within Fox and Hound I could get contact of and we'll see if they write up a response. 

And to make matters worse for the night, The Cowboys lost. What a great evening........... Fox & Hound Sports Tavern on Urbanspoon

Pacific Coast Pizza.......oh where do I begin?

When this place first opened up, my circle of friends was pretty excited. We tried the place out and liked the food they had. Of course at that time, the customer service was pretty good too. We would find ourselves going up there for an occasional group dinner or a weekend afternoon sitting on the patio, hanging out over a few drinks.

They have a variety of pizza creations, some decent, some really good. Their wings are pretty large and filling. I prefer the teri-hot wings. Actually one of my friends swears they have the best wings in town.

Now the dilemma. Do you continue going to a place where their customer service is just horrible despite the food?

I've been there probably a couple dozen times now and lately I'd compare their customer service level to that of a...... wait, I have nothing to compare it to because they don't have any to compare. Am I exaggerating? Slightly, but when I say their customer service is bad, I totally mean it. A handful of friends are also to the point where they are just fed up with it. Each time we have gone in, we're like "OK, if the customer service sucks this time, we're not coming back."

About 3-4 weeks ago, we went in on a Sunday afternoon for lunch, drinks and watch a little football. About an hour into the day, their keg exploded (this happens literally every other time we go in), our server forgot who's order was who's, I had to wait at the bar forever, our server brought us our tickets when we weren't even ready to leave (and note, our server wasn't cut or anything) and the whole experience just, for the lack of a better word, sucked. With no manager on duty that day, I decided it was best to just send an e-mail to the owner/manager/whomever. Give them a couple weeks to respond if they planned on doing so. Here is the e-mail:

To whom this may concern,
We've been regular patrons to Pacific Coast Pizza for a while. Your establishment is convenient, the food is pretty good and we love going outside to play Bocce Ball over a few cold beers and pizzas. Plus it's an occasional mainstay for our lunch crew at work.

Unfortunately your customer service has dropped dramatically the past handful of times we've been there. From absolutely horrible service to consistently "exploding" kegs to long wait times, we are near the point to where we are ready to mark this off our list of regular stops.

We were in the other day and standing at the bar waiting to be served. This employee was standing at the end of the bar just writing on her dry erase board. She looked over at us and continued to write on her dry erase board. About a few minutes go by and she puts down her marker and reads what she wrote, grabs the marker and continues writing. Knowing she was the only person at the bar, we would hope she would come serve us. Instead we waited until she was ready. She walks over, grabs a glass for another order, walks by, then she notices us again and finally asks us if we're ready to order.

Another night, a group of 8 of us are in for dinner. We ordered four pizzas, a couple appetizers, drinks around for our group. Once we received our food, we literally had to go ask our server for refills and additional drinks on three different occasions. Then on the final time, we were waiting to receive our tab and she was just hanging out at the bar. To make matters worse, you guys were not that busy.

The same employee from the first example we've had many times. By far the worst server at your establishment. She would bring us out our orders one by one. If we were ordering wings, she would lay them on the table. We would have to ask her, whose order it was. She didn't even know what type of wings they were. So she would let them get cold while she went to go and try to figure out whose order it was.

I've been meaning to put this on my site but would love to hear back from the owner or manager of your place. We honestly would like to see your place succeed as we are all actually fans of your food. But the customer service has just gotten out of hand that we had to say something and it's almost the last straw.

Thank you for your time.

A couple weeks go by and no response. A friend, knowing I sent the e-mail, actually went in and talked to the owner one day and said, "Do you ever check your e-mail?” The owner didn't respond. The owner did mention to my friend he has been aware of the customer service issues. Another friend actually called up Pacific Coast to inform them of the e-mail. No response. I even wrote a quick note on their Facebook page which was promptly deleted.

If I gathered my friends together, we could easily come up with a larger list of their customer service woes but if I typed it all out, my fingers might start to hurt. I'd easily put their customer service level in my Worst 3 in Wichita.

So the dilemma begins, if you like their food but hate going in, do you continue eating there? Order just take-out? Or just never go to the place again?

I'd love to read your thoughts gang.
Pacific Coast Pizza on Urbanspoon

Big weekend coming up. Graduation weekend and wedding season is pretty much beginning. I'm sure there will be lots of people eating out this weekend. Two of those will be Tiffany and I. It just happens to be her birthday weekend so we're going to pick a place that she really wants to head to; one of the fine dining establishments offered here in this great city. Find out what it is this weekend.

Here are your Quick Hits for this week.

  • Unfortunately we will be unable to attend Noodle's Grand Opening this weekend. I believe they officially open up shop on Sunday. Definitely stop by and try it out. While not a local establishment, I know the general manager lives in Wichita. He's a great guy and really knows how to operate a restaurant. If you haven't heard, the new location is located inside Towne East Mall. They do have an external facing entrance though on the east side of the mall.
  • reported that White Castle will be returning to Wichita for two hours only to celebrate their 90th anniversary. From 4 to 6 pm, you can buy two burgers for 90 cents at the Dillon’s parking lot at 7707 E. Central, near Rock Road. All proceeds will go to the Kansas Food Bank. White Castle was actually founded in Wichita way back in 1921. Unfortunately, there are no White Castle's left in Wichita. Also at the event, it will be filmed by a crew producing a documentary about White Castle called "White Castle - What America Craves". Here's your chance to be in a movie as well! I will definitely try and stop by pending schedule.
  • I've never heard of them, Tiffany actually has, but I guess two more Peachwave Self Serve Frozen Yogurt stores are coming to Wichita on top of the two already coming. One will be located at 2404 N. Maize Road across from NewMarket Square in the same building as AT&T and A Scrapbook Boutique is located. If I read right and I don't read often, that will make four Peachwave's coming to Wichita. Two others are being franchised by someone else. How long till the Froyo Bubble Pops?!?!
  • We stopped by PF Changs in the Waterfront earlier this week for a quick dinner. Didn't do a full review but should mention they were absolutely fantastic. It was a mixture of a birthday and a Mother's Day dinner. The service was great, everybody was friendly. Tiffany is a big fan of PF Changs and I'm just so so on them but I'll return again in the future because their servers and manager on hand did an awesome job. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, A+ on service.
  • Thanks to everybody who has been passing our website on to others. Our hits are increasing and we've hit over 110 facebook likes on our page http://www.facebook/wichitabyeb
If you haven't seen it, we have a new poll up on the right side asking where the best fires are at.

See you all soon for a Special Dining Excursion......

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E-mail: Wichita By E.B.

I think many people out there underestimate the power of social media.

July 15th, 2009 I became a full believer that people are out there reading and listening to what random people will post on any website including mine. Some of you know the story, some of you don't.

It was a Wednesday night. A friend of mine was in town and she had an odd addiction to Buffalo Wild Wing's wings. So we went along with a couple buddies of mine. Just another Summer Wednesday evening dining out. It was by far one of my most annoying and worst dining experiences I've ever had. I used every medium possible to spread the word on my experience including message boards, facebook, twitter. I went to the company website to submit my complaint. Mailed a letter to the corporate office, called the local store trying to reach the general manager. Literally everything.

It was so bad I had every intention of either taking the place down by spreading bad word of mouth or trying to make a personal impact on getting that place to shape up.

My first step was writing a note on facebook and making it available to everybody to see. No privacy restrictions. Hoping I could reach thousands of people. Not sure it ever did but the story has a happy ending.
Here's word for word the facebook note:
Four of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings on North Rock Road on Wednesday to grab some dinner and drinks.
We arrive there at 7 pm. Order food at 7:15 pm. About 30 minutes go by and we're wondering where our food is at. The server (probably some 16 year old girl) comes up and says, "Oh I'm sorry, they lost your ticket so I had to put your food order back in."
Really? You went over to the machine and placed the order into it, which sent it over. You did not lose the ticket, you just forgot to place the order.
So we wait. Starving. 8 pm hits, no food. So I grab the assistant manager a few minutes later who is a startling image of Milton from Office Space. We tell him its been nearly 55 minutes and our food has yet to arrive and that our server "allegedly" lost our ticket. He says, "I didn't know about it, let me go check.". This is the last time he ever came by our table. So about 10 more minutes go by and finally our food comes out.
To add to the annoyance of the night, part of the order is wrong. They served us 12 of one flavor of wings instead of mixed 6 and 6 of another as we ordered. AND they forgot our fries. So she tries to take all of the wings and come back. We were not about to let her take all of them as we were hungry. Anyways, no less than a minute later, the replacement food and fries come out.......miraculously. One minute for the mess up and a near hour for the original order.
So we eat. She comes back only one more time throughout the night to check up on us. We get our tickets. I have a coupon for some free wings. She takes all of our tickets and cards. While she's running everything, she comes back and asked me if it was my coupon to which I said yes. She comes back again and says, "I'm sorry, I already ran your card and closed your ticket out. Here's your coupon, would you like to use this for later?" I just sit there in astonishment. Then she goes, "I might be able to get my manager to fix it." I just grab my ticket in total frustration.
My friends eventually talk me into telling the manager to fix it. I go to the same Assistant Manager and tell him the situation and on top of that how the night has just been a huge disaster and we have been so let down by the experience and that its been the worst. His reply, "OK, lets see if we can fix the ticket." No sorries, no apologies, just lets see if we can fix it.
So I go back to my table and sit there. Next thing I know, the server comes up. Places a five dollar bill on the table and says, "We're not sure if we can fix the ticket so here's five dollars." I just stand up in amazement and leave.
Worst. Buffalo Wild Wings Experience. Ever.
I'm determined to let everyone know. Instead of going to that place go across the street to Hooters or eat at home or eat anywhere. "
That was a long read I know. I receive many comments on that note agreeing with how bad the customer service has been. Many people ridiculing BWW on how they've been treated. It was nice to see how many people agreed with me but also unfortunate at the same time.

I wrote the note before anything else to just voice out my frustration and have the experience fresh in my mind and noted. Then I proceed to use every other medium possible. This was all done on Thursday and Friday following my experience with my friends.

Lets fast forward to Monday morning. I get a call from a random number. I usually don't answer those calls but did by random chance. Who was it? The general manager of the Wichita location for Buffalo Wild Wings.

The first thing she tells me is she randomly stumbled across my Facebook note before anything else that I submitted to their corporate office. She said she read the entire thing including the comments people left behind and was actually embarrassed by the comments. On Monday morning when she came into work, she was able to get my number off of my complaint I submitted to their corporate office.

The general manager would later tell me their policy on food is to have all orders out within 15 minutes. Any issues with orders, managers are to be notified so they can find out the reason and to make sure food is out promptly. They are also to help in serving the food and walking around greeting customers and making sure everything is alright.

We traded some thoughts back and forth. Very stimulating conversation to where we were both able to get our viewpoints out there on service and everything. She told me she was going to set up an emergency company meeting to go through with her employees all that happened. She was upset with "Milton" (yes she used that name) for not coming back to our table to apologize to us.

In the end, I finally got what I wanted from the start. An apology. A personal apology, not a typed letter with a jpeg photo of a signature. That's all.

The GM ended the phone call inviting my group of friends back in for dinner. I told her I appreciated the offer but did this all for an apology which we never received during our bad dining experience. Eventually I gave in. That same week, I would receive an apology letter from Buffalo Wild Wings including a card for free dinner for me and a group of friends.

The next week I invited a group of friends with me to go eat to see what would change. We arrive and met by greeters at the door. Sat within minutes. Greeted by our server and served us our drinks. We ordered our food, each about 12-15 wings a person. Food came out five to ten minutes later. Easily the quickest its ever been in all of our time dining there. Another person joined our party late and had his food come out in the same amount of time. Our server came by our table many times to check up on us.

The general manager happened to be there and apologized again for everything. Told us she spoke with Milton (yes, she referred to him again as Milton even though that's not his real name, we got a good laugh out of it), had some small chat, she asked us how we were doing. Nice little small talk. All went well. She told us our food was on them tonight and it was. Everything was comped, it was great.

All in all, it was honestly a good experience there that day. A total 180 from the time before. Something that should be expected of them every time. I think everybody involved in the experience learned a few good things from it all. From the restaurant standpoint, I think they learned that the customer is the first priority. Mistakes happen, we're all human. But instead of ignoring the mistake and trying to avoid any conflict like they did in the first experience, they should have confronted it head on, and apologized and do what they could to fix it. From a customer standpoint, if you receive bad service, you should stand up for what you think is right. Maybe not to certain extremes like in this case but voice it. Let it be known so it can be fixed. You spend your hard earned money on eating out. The least you can expect is being served right.

Have any of you ever had horrible over the top dining experiences?

Sometimes, the smallest things can really make your dining experience a more enjoyable one. The little amenities that a place offers that can sometimes go overlooked.

A Greeter. Admit it, sometimes its nice to have someone open the door for you when you walk in. Greet you with a pleasant smile and a hello. Even if they don't open the door, a hello is nice. Take Kanai for instance, they greet you with something I'd need the Google Translate to let me know what was said. Even if I don't understand it, I appreciate it.

Clean Restrooms. This is half and half. Half the business' responsibility and half the customers responsibility. Businesses should keep their restrooms clean and we as customers should do our part to keep them clean as well. There's no need to pee on the seats, always flush, don't throw paper towels on the ground. One thing I love is automatic soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and water dispensers. Automated Everything gets two thumbs up in my book. If a restaurant wants to be super handy, get a door that doesn't require you to open it with your hands. I'm by no means a germ freak but some people are and i'm sure would love items like that. may want to read this.

Knowledgeable Wait Staff. We all don't know how to pronounce "baklava", or what's in a fattoush salad. There are many places through our dining adventures where it'll be our first time, where we may order something that we've never had (example: baba gross). So having a server who knows whats in a dish or can recommend us an option instead of saying "Everythings good" is really helpful. Los Cocos and Cafe Bel Ami did a great job here.

There you have it. Three simple and affordable things any restaurant or establishment can have to bump their level of customer service.

In other news, thanks to everybody who's helped pass the word on for Wichita By The e-mails and comments we've received are greatly appreciated.

Our Letter E has been decided and you can expect that up very early next week. We're going to do a little something different this time around.

And starting with Letter F, we're going to start leaving behind cards to places we try out so those restaurants can get a fair opportunity to respond or read what was wrote about them. Cause really, what's the point of writing a review on a restaurant if they can't see what areas they need to work on or read what customers like? We designed the cards during the sleepless evening and this was the end result:

Watch Out Wichita!

Customer Service is a class that everybody should take at least once in their lifetime. I would definitely put this above Calculus or Physics in grade school or high school. Cause really what's more important in life? What the difference between an electron and proton is or knowing how to talk to people and making them happy?

Part of what "Wichita By E.B." intends to do is not only give you the faithful readers an idea of whats out there to eat in this great city of Wichita (and the surrounding area) but to give you a heads up of who's hot and who's not in the World of Customer Service.

Eating out is by no means affordable when you do it a lot or if you're trying to avoid the McDonald's Dollar Menu or the late night, post bar QuikTrip buffet of hot dogs and taquitos. So when you're spending money on food, you should be served right. Your glass should never be empty. Your order shouldn't be messed up. And the least they could do if the food isn't good is serve it to you with a smile. Granted not all places serve you your drinks, or bring your food to you but you get the gist.

Lets face it, most consumers take three factors into consideration when going out to eat. Quality of Food, Customer Service and Price. If any of those factors just completely suck, it could be a game killer for that restaurant. If one though is below average and the other two are just outstanding, odds are high you will check out the place. Its what I call the "E.B. Three". And if one place can excel at all of the "E.B. Three", then you will have my time and money pretty often cause I cook like I can sing........ not pretty. So i've been told at least. I'd honestly compare my singing to Boyz II Men minus the right pitch, harmony, and talent but that can be saved for a whole other blog.

But really is customer service the single biggest factor in eating out. Can it absolutely make or break a place? I doubt price would in Wichita. If the price is high but the food quality is like heaven in your mouth people will still go. Food just might tie customer service for the biggest factor though cause if the food sucks, people will not likely go there again.

With that said, the suggestions for places to eat have been coming on strong. Tiffany and I have started forming a list, checking it twice, making sure those restaurants aren't naughty but nice. Cause Wichita By E.B. is coming to town.

Dining By The Alphabet: Letter B is nearly decided and will take place this week. We promise to bring you this time a locally owned restaurant that hopefully offers delicious food and great customer service. The price is the lowest on the scale cause I'm willing to pay a high price if the other two are, as my friend from a couple weeks ago Snoop Dogg would say, "off the chain". So you can count out such places as Burger King, Biggest Cheese Pizza, and a Beach House which I think is owned by some lady by Michelle.

Sorry BK, you will not be getting a visit from us unless we feel the need to slide down that really cool slide you guys have.
By the way if anybody knows of any "X" restaurants in Wichita or the surrounding area, we really need some suggestions. If not, Wichita By E.B. might have to do a one time travel to hit up every letter in the alphabet.


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