Customer Service and The E.B. Three

Customer Service is a class that everybody should take at least once in their lifetime. I would definitely put this above Calculus or Physics in grade school or high school. Cause really what’s more important in life? What the difference between an electron and proton is or knowing how to talk to people and making them happy?

Part of what “Wichita By E.B.” intends to do is not only give you the faithful readers an idea of whats out there to eat in this great city of Wichita (and the surrounding area) but to give you a heads up of who’s hot and who’s not in the World of Customer Service.

Eating out is by no means affordable when you do it a lot or if you’re trying to avoid the McDonald’s Dollar Menu or the late night, post bar QuikTrip buffet of hot dogs and taquitos. So when you’re spending money on food, you should be served right. Your glass should never be empty. Your order shouldn’t be messed up. And the least they could do if the food isn’t good is serve it to you with a smile. Granted not all places serve you your drinks, or bring your food to you but you get the gist.

Lets face it, most consumers take three factors into consideration when going out to eat. Quality of Food, Customer Service and Price. If any of those factors just completely suck, it could be a game killer for that restaurant. If one though is below average and the other two are just outstanding, odds are high you will check out the place. Its what I call the “E.B. Three”. And if one place can excel at all of the “E.B. Three”, then you will have my time and money pretty often cause I cook like I can sing…….. not pretty. So i’ve been told at least. I’d honestly compare my singing to Boyz II Men minus the right pitch, harmony, and talent but that can be saved for a whole other blog.

But really is customer service the single biggest factor in eating out. Can it absolutely make or break a place? I doubt price would in Wichita. If the price is high but the food quality is like heaven in your mouth people will still go. Food just might tie customer service for the biggest factor though cause if the food sucks, people will not likely go there again.

With that said, the suggestions for places to eat have been coming on strong. Tiffany and I have started forming a list, checking it twice, making sure those restaurants aren’t naughty but nice. Cause Wichita By E.B. is coming to town.

Dining By The Alphabet: Letter B is nearly decided and will take place this week. We promise to bring you this time a locally owned restaurant that hopefully offers delicious food and great customer service. The price is the lowest on the scale cause I’m willing to pay a high price if the other two are, as my friend from a couple weeks ago Snoop Dogg would say, “off the chain”. So you can count out such places as Burger King, Biggest Cheese Pizza, and a Beach House which I think is owned by some lady by Michelle.

Sorry BK, you will not be getting a visit from us unless we feel the need to slide down that really cool slide you guys have.

By the way if anybody knows of any “X” restaurants in Wichita or the surrounding area, we really need some suggestions. If not, Wichita By E.B. might have to do a one time travel to hit up every letter in the alphabet.


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