How To Post and What Should Letter C Be?

So i’ve received some emails on how to comment. First if you ever need to get a hold of me, you can reach me at

Commenting is very easy. If you are signed into blogspot with your Google or Gmail account that is by far the easiest. In the comment box, type in your comment then select Google account from the “Comment As” dropbox. If you don’t have a Google or Gmail account you can select “Name/URL” from the dropbox and just type in your name and comment from there. The URL is not needed, all you have to do is type in your name. I’ve posted some images to show you how to.

Many options to comment as. Two popular choices, Google Account and Name/URL

When using Name/URL, all you need to type in is your name and then hit continue.

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Following is very easy to do if you’d like to receive notifications of new blogs or just have your picture listed on here. On the far right hand side of the blog you’ll see a Followers section (a screenshot has been posted to the right). Click follow and you can use your Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM account to follow our blog. Our goal is to have more blogs than we have fingers by the end of 2015. Is this going to be possible to do?
So moving on to important matters. Now that we’re done with B, What should Letter C be?
We loved the fact that we tried Bel Ami. Its something just in Wichita and a place we’ve never been too until that evening. One of the nice things about Dining By The Alphabet is it gives us a chance to try out spots most of you may have never heard of or even been to either. It gives more exposure to a hole in the wall or a Wichita secret. Of course from time to time, we’re going to try a place we’ve already been that that’s pretty popular. Bella Luna was almost the choice for “B” but we’ve both been there many times and wanted to venture out.

“C”. Just by looking at Urban Spoon’s listing of Wichita, Andover, Derby, Maize, etc’s listing of restaurants that start with “C”, there are plenty to choose from. But what stands out as the best from the rest.
This is where you come into play. Help us decide Letter C!

Comment away.

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