What Should Be Letter “B”?

No Dining By The Alphabet update for today. I’m definitely not looking to gain 80 pounds of fat during this Dining By The Alphabet adventure you readers have chosen to join us in. So eating out every single day is not one of the options for this blog. I’ve seen Super Size Me and what it could possibly do to your body so for now we’re going to try the eating out of all these restaurants to once a week maybe once every other week.

The Letter B restaurant is still up for grabs. No final choice has been made. Being a fan of all types of food, I have no preference. Could be Bonefish Grill, could be Bella Luna, maybe even a 1% chance that Burger King could be the choice.

One place for sure that won’t be is Barn’rds Roast Beef Restaurant. I understand they have a large cult following of people who swear by their food. But honestly, I’m just not a big fan. I don’t understand people’s love of it. I’ve been there many times while I was in college, its a close stop by campus, maybe even an option before Shocker games, a crowded lunch spot, on the East side of town where I live but I don’t get the sensation. I find it overrated like 3D movies.

Barn’rds Roast Beef Restaurant

I’ve had many of their menu items even their pasta salad (I’m a huge fan of pasta salad. Best pasta salad in town was The Cedar on 13th street before they moved and had the worst customer service in the now Larry Bud’s building & before Tanners building). Anyways, don’t like it. Their fries are good but its not enough to keep me coming back.

I would still go there if some friends wanted to stop there as i’m not the pickiest person. But that was before……

The final straw happened a while ago. Tiffany and I decided to go there for late dinner. Went through the drive through and at that point in time we decided we’d both order the Chicken Salad Sandwich with fries. I added on the pasta salad because i’ll try that stuff anywhere even a convenience store at 5 am.

Ate the food. Tasted alright at the time but the future is what’s more important. And the future wasn’t kind.

I’ve suffered battles with being lactose intolerant but this battle was worse. Two chicken salad sandwiches between the both of us. Two battles of food poisoning. From that point, I will just refuse to go there. I know……. you usually aren’t supposed to order chicken salad sandwiches as they may not be fresh. Its Barn’rds! I thought everything there was FRESH? The only thing fresh was my intestines and stomach after they were cleaned out after my bout to food poisoning which I lost. Me. 0. Tiff. 0. Barn’rds Induced Food Poisoning. 2.

So that automatically knocked Barn’rds Roast Beef Restaurant out of the equation.

What should be “B”? Suggestions and comments are welcome. Just looking at Urban Spoon’s listing of B restaurants in Wichita and the surrounding area, there’s quite a few to choose from. Stay tuned.

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