Dining By The Alphabet: E – Egg Crate Cafe

Egg Crate Café!

While most of the people our age were either sleeping, passed out, still up partying or even going to Church. Tiffany and I decided to do something a little different. Dine Out for Letter E. We are both not morning people by any means so that puts a little extra pressure on our option. So without taking up any more of your time, we bring to you our choice for Letter E.

Only serving people ages 70 and up

Egg Crate Cafe located on the west side of Wichita off of 13th st near Tyler. They are open daily from 6 am to 2 pm.
8606 W. 13th Ste. 150
Wichita, KS 67212
Ph: 316.295.2822
Fax: 316.295.2823

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When we arrive in, the first thing I immediately notice is we are definitely out of our element. The average age of customer at around 8 am, I would say is 45-50. So equal to the average age of the student you will see sitting in the front row of the WSU student section. We are greeted when we walk in (I think they may have read my previous blog!) and we are seated rather quickly.

Our server took our drink order of water and orange juice and gave us ample time to place our order. Tiffany thinks the staff could have been a little friendlier, I was indifferent, our server and everybody else left literally no impression on me. Don’t think they went out of their way to give great customer service but also didn’t give bad customer service. Just went through the motions. Of note, our server only came to us once to check on us from start of meal to tabbing out.

We glance through the menu and its your hodge podge of breakfast favorites you can find at most places. Nothing really out of the blue like chicken feet omelet or pancakes stuffed with mayonnaise. After a bit we decided and ordered the following: French Toast with two eggs over easy. Strawberry Waffle with two eggs scrambled. 2 large biscuits with sausage gravy. Hashbrowns and 3 strips of bacon. The server warned us that was a lot of food. We weren’t thinking, its 8 am and Tiffany’s brains doesn’t officially turn on til 9 or 10……..mine sometimes never. Besides we wanted to sample bits of everything. The end result:

Enough food to feed Jon and Kate plus 8 pre-reality tv drama.

I contemplated putting a “Help Wanted” ad in the Sunday Paper to help us eat the food. No way we were going to finish it. The Belgium waffle……..seriously, I’m no geography major but it might have been the size of Belgium. And the biscuits and gravy…… I’m no geography major but if I got to name a country, I’d name it biscuits and gravy based off the pure size alone. The French toast…… I’m no geo— you get the picture.

We take a deep breath and dig in. French toast. Delicious. Tiffany liked her Belgium waffle, the strawberries were excellent but the waffle was a little hard. We both loved the hashbrowns, probably our favorite part of the meal as it was the only thing we finished completely. If you can’t perfect hashbrowns, you don’t deserve to be a breakfast spot. The biscuits and gravy…..alright. Tiffany’s comment right after “My mom’s gravy is better.” (If you’re out there reading this, please drop some off tomorrow morning before work!) The bacon……bleh….I’ve had better.

We obviously didn’t finish the meal. Even if we did, we wouldn’t admit it! Boxed up half a waffle, one piece of french toast, a piece of bacon and nearly 2/3’s biscuits and gravy and asked for the check. $23 for our entire meal. This is not close to what the average person would spend. We ordered bits and pieces of everything. I’d say when you go into eat some breakfast, you’re looking at spending anywhere from $5-9 if you get a drink and an extra side. Very affordable pricing, I’d say its better than IHOP and Denny’s cause seriously, who goes to IHOP and Denny’s sober most of the time?

One thing was definitely agreed upon. Breakfast food, its rarely the type of food that will just blow you away. It is either good or very bad. Not much gray area. We both enjoyed our dining experience outside of our zombie-like state. Didn’t help matters later we were stuffed to the brim AND tired.

On our Super Scientific Scale, Tiffany gave Egg Crate Cafe a 3.5 and I gave them a 3. So that equals 3.25. Just a wee bit above average. Best described as “good but not great”

………and that concludes Letter E. Honestly not many choices in Wichita to choose from. We were limited and decided to think outside the box and grab breakfast.

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  1. Deanna and I would have to bump them up at least a point. We love this place! We recommend the garbage skillet(potatoes, sausage, veggies, and eggs) and pancakes. Keep up the good work, love the website!

    Greg "the Hitman"

  2. I agree with Greg! My boyfriend and I go there all the time. The owner is always checking on tables and very involved. Yes, some wait staff aren't stellar, but it could be worse. I think EC has the best coffee in town! I would be interested in trying some lunch fare. That is something we have never done there!

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