Getting Carded

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They have finally come in! Wichita By E.B. business cards!

From here on out, every restaurant we stop by will receive one of these sweet babies right before we leave. Giving them all a little notice, they’ve been reviewed and thanking them for serving us. Even a little spot in the middle of the card for us to sign with a white pen on the backside.

Just our way of saying thanks for opening up in the Wichita community and letting them know how they did. Something every place could benefit from. How can you improve as a business if you don’t know your customers opinions?

I’m well past 21 and yet still get carded everywhere I go. Lottery tickets, Rated R movies, casinos,  the occasional PG-13 movies, liquor stores, medicine at Wal-mart, (ok maybe I was kidding about the PG-13 movies but everything else yes) so now its my turn to card someone. So if one of you restaurants gets carded by us, probably best to read what was said!

The cards are even nice too. Glossy finish and all business like on the front and then grey, basic and easy going on the back. Kind of like a mullet but in card form.

You haven’t gone big time until you own business cards!


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