What Should Letter F Be?

What should letter F be? Its a question I ask myself on a daily basis. One of those worldly phenomenons that just may be answered next week.

Just looking at a basic website listing, there don’t seem to be many “F’s” listed. A few more than the Letter E but not by much.

aka Death By Consumption

We have browsed around Yelp, Urban Spoon, Yellow Pages and just not sure its the complete listing of what Wichita has to offer. So we are once again asking you all for help. What do we do for Letter F? Is the World Famous Field House located by WSU an option? Probably not if we’re looking for an extensive menu of food. Although I must say, they are one of the best bars in Wichita if you want great customer service. And trust me, I’ve been to a lot of bars in my time. Right now I’d guess people’s suggestions for “F” would be Felipe’s Mexican Restaurant but lets be honest with each other. What’s this place known for? Their food or their drinks? We’d be more focused on drinking cazuela’s there than actually eating the food. Then by the time its review time, the blog would be written in a drunken and blurred state of mind

“We weeeent to Felipe’s….hahahaha….. it twaz sooooooo delishus! We each had a cazuela and it roked are world! haha ha ha. Did somebody in the room just fart? Ha ha ha. Wait, Did i just type out what I was subconciously saying to myself? Was the food any good? Cause all I remember was drinking two cazuela’s, calling SafeRiders, telling them I was a WSU student, they believed me, got a free ride, and here we are blogging.”

Really? Nobody wants to read that gibberish.

So what are the hidden gems inside of Wichita and the surrounding area that you would suggest? Are there any new spots that recently opened up you’d be willing to recommend or want us to be the guinea pig for you? We’re all ears.

Couple other notes. Tiffany and I will once again be going to head to head in this year’s NCAA Tournament Pool. Last year, I lost. Sucks cause i’m pretty sure I watched 99% more basketball than she did. There’s a popular quote: “Behind every great man is a great woman” but does that really apply to NCAA tournament pools? If any of you are looking for a tournament pool to enter, just e-mail wichitabyeb@gmail.com and we can get you the details. Tournament starts this Thursday

And get your tickets to the Shockers home NIT game vs. Nebraska. The game is Wednesday at Charles Koch Arena at 6 pm. Let’s pack the place up and support our hometown Shockers. Yeah it sucks we made the NIT. I’m still pretty bitter of it all but i’m still going to support them. Here’s to hoping Indiana St can represent the MVC well. Don’t think its going to happen.

Now bring on the “F”in suggestions!

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  1. Just because Felipe's (or any other place for that matter) serves alcohol doesn't mean you have to get sloshed. I never drink at a restaurant, it costs too much versus drinking at home.

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