Yes, we are still alive. Thanks to all you who have asked where Letter G is at. It feels like its been forever since we’ve Dined by the Alphabet. Feels like it cause it has been!

Letter G will be taking place tonight and the review will follow that this evening as well. To be honest with you all, this letter hasn’t even been decided. We have some options we are throwing out but really nothing stands out as a must try.

We’ve already nixed out Gaslamp Grill from our option list. Just way way way way way too many bad reviews I’ve seen and heard from many friends who’s opinion I trust. I’ve heard overpriced for the quality of food you get, the service has been mixed on everyone, I’ve heard one waiter say they are struggling. Take that all for what its worth. Maybe one day, we’ll go see for ourselves but that one day certainly isn’t going to be April 20th, 2011.

Some quick hits to read over to help you all get through the day:

  • Tanya’s Soup Kitchen opened up the other week. I’ve heard many people give this place the title of “Best Soup in Wichita”. Before they closed down, many people raved about them and unfortunately I never got around to trying them out. Might have to make a special exception to try Tanya’s out like a “Special SOUPer Saturday Blog”.
  • Mike’s Wine Dive. We went there for dinner with friends recently. I told Tiffany I wouldn’t blog about this so i’ll just say this. Mike’s Wine Dive is definitely in the mix for Letter M when that comes around.
  • Is it Crawfish Boil Season? I’ve heard of a few big ones coming up like the Mudbug Madness Crawfish Boil and another at Whiskey Dicks Bar. Not sure off the top of my head what the dates are though. I can find out if anybody is just dying to go.
  • Froyo Fans! A fourth Orange Leaf is opening up. This time on the west side of town at 119th and Maple in the same center at Shorty Small’s and Kanai (which I strongly recommend).
  • On top of “Dining By The Alphabet: Letter G”, we’ll have another food blog review for the weekend. It just so happens to be Easter weekend, Good Friday, and Earth Day, so we’re going to pick out one place that we both either 1.) Love or 2.) Want to go to really bad and check them out. It won’t follow the letters as its a special exemption for good reason. The place has already been selected. Oh yeah, it just so happens to be my birthday so that could be another reason as well.

Otherwise all, be on the look out tonight for Letter G. Will it be GREAT or GHASTLY?

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