Quick Hits – 4/29/11

Quick Hits – 4/29/11

First a little celebration of sorts! We’ve had 5000 hits in a month’s span on our blog. Glad to see people are actually reading us!

I thought it’d be pretty nice to sometimes do a weekly “Quick Hits” blog with small little updates of what’s new in Wichita, a quick place Tiffany and I may have gone to. So without any further ado…..read on.

Let’s hope this weekend is pretty nice outside. I’ll be headed to the Sedgwick County Zoo on Saturday afternoon for an event. We recently purchased a nice Canon Ti2 SLR camera and hope to put it to some good use this weekend. I’m a big fan of the zoo and have had a membership there the past two years. It actually just expired and I’m now deciding if I want to renew it. If you haven’t ever been to our zoo, it’s worth the price of admission. The penguin exhibit is cool as is the tiger one. By far my favorite one is checking out the Apes. It’s literally mesmerizing watching them either stand there, sit there, beat on the glass walls, or pick their butts. Last time we were there, we were pleasantly surprised to see two rhino’s doing the hibbidy-dibbidiy. This is a family friendly site so if that happens again, expect no pictures.

Some quick hits to read over to help you all get through the day:
  • I’ve heard lots of talk that people are excited for Sephora which opens up May 6th in Bradley Fair. The first 100 customers to show up for the grand opening will have a chance to receive Sephora gift cards valued at up to $100. I guess they sell beauty products….. Don’t think I’ll be going there often unless forced to since i’m on a shopping excursion with someone……..
  • FroYo fans – a new yogurt shop is opening up May 4th near Buffalo Wild Wings on North Rock Road right by Buffalo Wild Wings between 29th and the NE expressway. I’m guessing this is just like OrangeLeaf. They will have 16 flavors of yogurt and more than 40 toppings. And brace yourself!!!!! They will offer cupcakes direct from the Cheesecake Factory! The lady opening the place is just all of 21 years old but she’ll have some help from her father who is the former owner of Emerson Biggin’s. The name of the place? Yogurt Xplosion!!! How Xciting! How Xillerating! How Xtreeeeeeme! Not sure what all to make about this place yet. Worried the market may be spreading itself too thin in Wichita. Froz was opened just west of the location and closed down immediately. I wish them the best and will definitely give them a try out to see how it compares.
Drove by today. Located just around where the old Sumo’s used to be.
    • We had some delicious Noodles and Co. to go this past week. On their website, I signed up for the Noodlegram club which gives you a coupon for a free meal. So we cashed that in. We’ve both been there before so knew what to expect. I ordered the Japanese Pan Noodles and Tiffany had the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. She swears its the best thing ever. I had a bite and thought it was good but didn’t have the same sentiment. But don’t take my word for it; I’m a “cheese-hater”. She on the other hand loves cheese and loves it. My Japanese Pan Noodles were delicious. I love the taste of Udon noodles, they are very filling. If you are not a fan of bean sprouts, make sure you order them without it because they really pile them on. I’ve also had the pad thai there before. Good stuff but I still believe the best pad thai is at Thai Traditions over on east Central. Nearly all the meals at Noodles come in either a Regular or Small bowl. I don’t have the menu on me right now. But the regular bowl which I strongly recommend runs around $5.25 (small runs $4.25). To add a meat like chicken, beef, etc, it runs an additional $2.25.  Since we had a birthday coupon, our total ended up being five dollars a change which is great for two. Here’s the menu. We will have to go in sometime to give them a full review with service included.
Look at that b.a. presentation I set up at home!!!
  • There’s also new Noodles and Co opening soon inside Towne East Square. May 16th to be exact. They will have their own external facing entrance so you don’t have to deal with the high schoolers walking through the malls 24/7 while skipping class.
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Up next this weekend, we hope to knock Letter H out of the park with a great choice. Fingers crossed. Well since its letter H….. Hingers crossed.

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