The S in Sumo Does Not Stand For Service

I went to Sumo on Friday night for a friends birthday. They have this little thing going on the weekend to where they stay open til 2 am. Half price sushi, drink specials and a DJ.

Arrived there around 10 pm. Sat at a table with a host of others.

Sat for a little bit

Its ironic that a Sumo employees traditional pose is in a sitting position cause that’s all we did while servers ignored us.

Sat for a little longer.

Kept on sitting.

Keep in mind this place is not close to packed.

Finally we flagged down a server who didn’t look a bit over 12 (and I thought I looked young). Ordered some drinks and a sushi menu.

Drinks came. No sushi menu. By now its about 10:10-10:35. A little longer and the sushi menu comes. Sorry dear, I lost my appetite.

So 12-12:30 rolls around and guess how many times are server checked on us, asked if we wanted another drinks or even our tab? The same amount as what her tip was going to be…..Zero.

So after literally walking by us several times, I politely asked for our tickets. I even told the manager on duty and he goes, “well i’ll whip her into shape. I’m sorry.”

So the server comes back with our tickets. I decided to leave her a dollar since she stopped by once but should have left a penny with her amount of work.

It was horrible. The S is sumo definitely does not stand for service. If these guys think they can get away on their “brand name” alone in Wichita, think again.

There are many other fine sushi spots in Wichita picking up like Hana Cafe and Kanai (which got four stars from The Eagle unlike Sumos) that people can go to.

Feel free to post thoughts, experiences, etc.

Just horrible. I don’t mind paying whatever dollar amount for good food but if the service doesn’t match, goodbye.

Sorry Sumo’s. Blame your servers on this one cause your cooks deserve better.

Happy Dining,

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