Happy Cinco De Mayo

Today is Cinco De Mayo. Allow me to let you in on a little secret. That means “fifth of May”. This is not a celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day contrary to popular belief. It’s more of a date observed in the United States to celebrate Mexican heritage. Similar to St. Patrick’s Day. Oddly enough both dates have become synonymous with drinking.

Hey, I’ll take another reason to drink. Flag Day is coming up in June….. Just saying……

My most vivid memories of Cinco De Mayo honestly go back just to college. I don’t remember really celebrating it much before that. If so, it probably just meant enchilada day in the cafeteria in grade school.

Bradley Fair used to have the absolute best Cinco De Mayo parties. It was outside of On The Border. They would mark off a part of the parking lot, gate off certain areas around OTB (On the Border for short); have tubs of corona, margarita machines, and trumpet music playing all around. Great times especially if the weather was nice. This was back 7-9 years ago. I’m not sure when or why it stopped. Probably for safety among other reasons, but it did.

Now I don’t even know where the biggest places to go to for Cinco De Mayo. St. Patrick’s Day in Wichita, I’ve always felt was a bigger draw. It helps it usually falls the same week as the start of the NCAA Tournament which is a great sell.

A couple years, I’ve been to the Felipe’s out on North Woodlawn. They have an area to the south of the building gated with a cover and serve delicious Cazuela’s and other beers. Good times except the weather hasn’t been too great the past couple years.

So tonight, I’m sure we’ll all be out and about somewhere celebrating this holiday. Lots of places are having specials whether it be food or drink specials. Carlos O’Kellys, On The Border, Felipe’s, Larry Bud’s, Heroes, etc.


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