Quick Hits: 5/31/11 – What Happens If A Server Spills Drinks On You?

Quick Hits 5/31/11

Hope you all had a very memorable Memorial Day Weekend.

It’s back to work for pretty much everybody.

Question of the Week:

First things first before I start on some bullet points, I need some responses from the readers. If a server (their fault) at a restaurant spilled an entire tray of drinks on you, what is acceptable to you for an apology? Portion of the tab covered, dry cleaning, free drinks, free meal, gift certificate, what? Will just an apology do?

It didn’t happen to me but a friend. I’d love to hear your responses.

Now for the bullet points.

    • Tanya’s Soup Kitchen now serves beer and wine. Can’t say I’ve ever done a beer and chicken noodle soup “combo” before but everything’s worth a try at least once, right?
Bad Picture: But a good preview of the
extended menu at “And The Wiener Is”
  • Stopped by “And the Wiener Is…..” a couple weekends ago. I tried the Chicago dog and the Reuben dog along with a side of slaw. Can’t say it was too memorable but considering it was also at 2:30 am should it have been? This place is located on East Douglas across the street from Wichita East High School. The hot dogs will run you about $3.50-$5 on average for just the hot dog. I don’t think this would make my list of places to stop by when I’m hungry on a random day, but located near downtown Wichita, its a good spot for an after bar meal with other places closed. It has its niche and the prices and selection is much better than the soon to be moving Linkhaus. There are over 40 different types of hot dog creations to choose from.
  • Old Mill Tasty Shop will now be open for weekend dinners. I cannot say I’ve ever been to Old Mill Tasty Shop before. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and Tiffany loves this place. It’s definitely on queue for Letter O.

That’s all for now folks. Letter I should be taking place hopefully tonight……….

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Happy Dining.

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