Quick Hits – 5/6/11 – Sephora Grand Opening and more

Quick Hits – May 6th

Cinco de Mayo came and went with little fanfare. Stopped by Felipe’s for drinks. Pretty busy inside, service was friendly. Lots of familiar faces in the building. Good times. Tiffany received a bunch of cool little freebies at Felipe’s like shirts, necklaces, key chains. I, on the other hand, left empty handed!!! I’m pretty sure I could pass for a Mexican before she does! Regardless good times as I said. We then closed the evening down with Larry Bud’s. I’m still 100% positive that St. Patrick’s Day is a bigger deal in Wichita than Cinco de Mayo.

The biggest news coming out of this Friday is the Grand Opening of Sephora in Bradley Fair. I had never even heard of it until recently. I guess they sell make-up, skin care, you know…. the girlie stuff. The first 100 people in line this morning received gift certificates ranging from $5, $10, $25, $50 and if you were lucky enough $100. Plus other cool freebies. The doors opened up at 10 am and the first person was there just before 6 am. WOW! Is Sephora that cool? I guess I will never know. Tiffany was actually LIVE on location waiting in line. She arrived at 8:30 with a friend. By ten, she estimated about 200 people in line. For those familiar with Bradley Fair, the line stretched from Sephora to Marble Slab. Tiffany ended up with a $10 gift card, a free leather tote, and a gift for her upcoming birthday. Her friend received a $25 gift card. The place is a madhouse right now and I’m sure will be throughout the weekend. Unless I’m dragged there on a shopping excursion, I don’t plan on ever stepping foot inside that place.

I read on Kansas.com, that Crown Uptown Theatre has a $62,000 federal tax lien. They are behind on federal taxes and owe around $84,000 in state taxes. I think part of this is due to bad management. Tiffany and I have been to Crown Uptown Theatre twice. Once to see Chicago and the other time…… my memory isn’t helping me right now. Anyways, we enjoyed both shows. The biggest problem they had was the management. Both times, we purchased tickets well in advance of the shows. We made sure to request certain seats for the show which we were told would be ours. Then both times, we were given worse seating. We told the managers each time it happened, the second time mentioning it has happened before. The managers didn’t do anything and didn’t sound genuine whatsoever in his apology. More of in a rush was what it was like. As I said earlier, the show was nice, dinner was ok, but the entire “Crown Uptown Experience” which is what you’re paying for kind of sucked. Other than the seating issues, there were other minor details that just left a sour taste to where we just made it a point to never go again. For a couple, one weekend night there will run you $77 not including tip or drinks. So it’s definitely not cheap by any means for a date. While I wish them the best, we don’t see ourselves ever going back. After dumping close to $200 on two experiences there, they’ve had all the chances they could get.

And Yogurt Explosion has opened up. We’ll be giving this a try out likely today or tomorrow. We’ll see how a local establishment holds up against the national competitors in Orange Leaf which just happen to be down the street from them.

Letter H will be taking place next week. We honestly haven’t given much thought on where to go but will make a final decision soon.

Happy Dining and have a great Mother’s Day. (Crap, I still need to get a Mother’s Day gift!!!!)

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