Special Dining Excursion: Yogurt Xplosion (CLOSED)

Friday afternoon, Tiffany and I had the chance to try out the newest frozen yogurt spot to open up in Wichita. It’s named Yogurt Xplosion.
Just too many dirty jokes you can make with this.
If you’ve been to any of the three popular Orange Leaf locations, Yogurt Xplosion is built nearly identical to it. The basic concept is the same. Get a cup, fill it up with any type of yogurt you want, choose your toppings, and then pay by the ounce. 39 cents to be exact. It’s that simple.
Yogurt Xplosion is located on north Rock Road, just north of 29th street on the East side of the road. It’s located in the same little strip that holds Buffalo Wild Wings, Wasabz and Smoothie King (is Smoothie King even open anymore???)
Walking inside, there was a totally different look. Lots of neons and technocolors. For some reason it reminded me of the arcade scene in “Dude, Where’s My Car”. For the most part, it looked like an Orange Leaf with different colors. The inside was much bigger though and had more seating.
If this was a bowling alley, we could all go Cosmic Bowling!
We were welcomed by all the employees when we arrived, always a nice little touch. They gave us some tester cups to try some of the different flavors they had. We tried cake batter, red velvet, cookies and crème, and some others that slipped my mind. Cake batter we both loved the most so we ended up with that.
You can use a cup to fill your yogurt up, eat your froyo out of a waffle cone, or those have the waffle cones place inside the cups too. Tiffany chose a regular cup; I chose a regular cup but grabbed a waffle cone to place on top, like a top hat! Filled it up with cake batter froyo, and then selected our toppings.
We arrive at the checkout stand and weigh our cups and pay. I notice a sign that says, “Guess your weight and it’s free”. I point it out to Tiffany and the checker goes, “Oh next time you come in, if you guess the weight of your froyo, its free.” I’m pretty sure she should have told us this the first time around because that would have been pretty fun to do. Every other customer after us, the girl gave a chance to guess the weight. So we definitely missed out on that “experience”. I saw one little boy actually guess his right on the dot at 5.50 ounces.
Yogurt Xplosion……. I won’t go any further
So we dug in and it’s what you’d expect. Froyo with whatever toppings you place on it. We both enjoyed it.
A nice little touch they have there is free water. They had a culligan machine set up with little cups for people to use. It’s the small little things that can really help a place out.
Overall it was very good and very comparable to Orange Leaf. If you like froyo, you can’t really lose with either one. Everybody there was friendly and the only minor check against Yogurt Explosion was not being able to get a chance to guess our yogurts weight, I blame that probably on the lack of experience since the place was new.
Well another glaring spot is the name of the place: Yogurt Explosion. The name just doesn’t sound right. I’ll leave it at that.
But all in all a good little spot. I’d lean more into choosing Yogurt Explosion over Orange Leaf just because its local compared to a national chain like Orange Leaf. They are really the exact same spot with different flavors. So keeping the money here in Wichita, I’ll always choose.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.

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