Quick Hits: 6/10/11 – Goebel Liquor, River Fest, and more

Happy Friday to you all. Missed out on the Quick Hits last week so let’s try to get everybody caught up with what’s been going on in Wichita and our dining lives.

  • Our review on Il Ponte Cafe was probably the most well received blog that has been posted up. I received messages from over a handful of people raving about their food AND their service. It was really a great feeling writing something that other people agreed with. Word of mouth is the best advertising and we’re glad it worked.
  • While our Il Ponte Cafe review was the most well received, do you know which blog had the most reads of any other blog? Twin Peaks! Does that mean our demographic is mostly men ages puberty to pre-Viagra?
  • Groupons! I recently got into Groupons. I’d say it’s been a few months. There are actually two decent ones out there today; one for Fox & Hound and another for Fat Tony’s. You may remember that Fat Tony’s was our Letter F restaurant on dining by the alphabet.
  • Has anybody participated in any Wichita River Festival events this year? I have not but I have lived vicariously through the PeopleofRiverfest.com. The site even received a little write-up on Kansas.com. I’ll be the first to admit, the site can be rather harsh on people but the evil side of me can’t help but laugh. Some of those pictures are staged though. I’m pretty sure since the site came out; some people have tried to get themselves on there. It’s unfortunate for those that don’t try though…….
  • Stopped in to Linkhaus for lunch this past week. It’s just so sad that place has been a failure. I noticed they now close at 8 pm everyday, a good four hours earlier than what they used to. Their prices dropped dramatically. Instead of spending $100 for a hot dog, drink and tots, it’s now around $5-7. I don’t think that extra zero was a typo either but a rough estimation of how much it felt like. Linkhaus made all their changes too late as has been noted before in past blogs. Guess they are moving, not sure where though. Anybody know?
  • Beer Fans. Goebel Liquor rocks! My friends and I stopped by Goebel Liquor located on West st (near Maple) to purchase a wide assortment of beers for a weekend get together. The son’s owner John Miller was nothing but helpful. He was able to give suggestions and recommendations on what everybody at our get together would like. It had a real mom and pop feel inside….probably because it is family owned.
  • Getting back into the golf groove for the summertime. Played a round over at Clapp last weekend (located at Harry & Oliver). That course was probably in the best shape I’ve seen it in for some time. If anybody finds any Callaway balls just lying around or in the creeks, those are mine. I lost plenty. Feel free to keep them as a Wichita By E.B. souvenir. Another thing thing missing this past week…..LeBron James. Has anybody seen him lately?
  • And lastly, Letter J is just around the corner and on schedule for next week. Quite a few good suggestions out there. Looking forward to making that final decision.

Have a great weekend all.


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