Suggestions Needed For Letter J

Letter J.

Lot of great things started with the letter J. Joe Montana. Junkyard Dog. Julius Erving. Juicy Juice. and a pretty cool guy that’s pretty famous Jesus.

But let’s move the focus to restaurants. What’s good for J?

We probably want to avoid major franchises like Jimmy’s Egg and Jimmy John’s. My male friends tell me there’s a really good place out south on 47th street but I’m about 138% sure most girls would not want to go there. I heard that place makes Twin Peaks look like church.

So where to go for J? Ideally the best place to go is somewhere that isn’t extremely popular and would be new for most people.

Any ideas readers?

P.S. – Stopped by Pacific Coast Pizza last night for Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Been there many times and love the food. The service is usually decent to good but last night…………good lord………horrible to the point that a couple people in the group commented they weren’t sure if they’d return again. Not sure what the explanation was either since the place was NOT busy.

Otherwise have a great weekend all.

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  1. The only place I can think of that starts with J (and just so happens to be on 47th street too) is El Jalisco. It's between I35 and Broadway.

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