New Feature: “Wichita’s Best Pizza”

Pizza. Its something Wichita has a lot of.

Outside of your major chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, we still have a ton of different places that Wichitans can still go out to eat.

Head over to a place like Urban Spoon or look in the phone book if you still have one of those. If I have any readers under the age of 10, a phonebook is this big book that lists phone numbers inside it. It used to be real popular a long time ago.

Deciding which pizza place to go to is a tough decision. With so many options on pizza, it really comes down to taste. Most pizza places I’ve been to in Wichita have about the same service level. Plus at some places they just give you your pizza and have their own refill station for drinks. So when deciding on a great pizza place, it’s about about taste and what you like.

Well Wichita By E.B. is here to help. I’m starting an additional feature called “Wichita’s Best Pizza”. I’ll be taking suggestions over the new few weeks. From that list, I’ll narrow it down the most popular 10-12 pizza places. At least once a month, I will be gathering a “Committee” of sorts to go and try a different pizza place. I will try to keep the committee the same main group of fellow eaters and add some newbies randomly through the months that may make an appearance or two. Consistency is key though so having the same group in my committee is the biggest factor. We will try their version of a supreme pizza, a “meat lover’s” style pizza and another popular pizza they offer. My committee will then rate their pizza on a list of criteria that has yet to be determined. Total work in progress and something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but haven’t got around to it.

This will be a year-long adventure and by August of 2012, I hope to be able to make a very educated recommendation on what Wichita By E.B. would consider as Wichita’s Best Pizza.

So if you have the time, the typing ability, please start throwing those suggestions by posting a comment to this blog. I’ll also be gathering suggestions all over the place: on our twitter site, facebook site, the blog, forums, etc. What we’re looking for is not just one place but a list of 3-10 places you would consider as your favorites. You can also e-mail your list to

Time starts now. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Letter K blog will be in the works this week, just working on some pictures.

Happy Dining.

4 thoughts on “New Feature: “Wichita’s Best Pizza””

  1. I'm a fan of Pacific Coast Pizza. And you have to go to Knolla's too, of course. Ummm….and Wichita Pizza Co. And I haven't tried Wheat State Pizza yet, which is in Derby, I think. They have pizza at the Green Mill too, right? Oh and Old Chicago….okay I like this game! 🙂

  2. Ohhhh this is going to be fun. I'm a pizza snob. My favorite is Bartelli's Pizzeria. Good stuff! If we're just doing the pick it up and bring it home kinda deal, we usually order from Knollas. But our Andover location closed….so know who knows. I've heard Poplar in Andover (Kellogg and Andover Rd) has amazing pizza, so that's next on our list.

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