Quick Hits: 08/23/11

What two blogs in a row???

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these hasn’t it? There have been lots of rumblings since the last one so let’s put these bulletpoints to work:

  • One of Wichita’s oldest Chinese Buffets, Kwan Court, will be closing it’s doors down on Sept. 18th. I used to frequent this place quite often for sushi and their lunch buffet back in college and a few years after that. Not sure why I never frequented it more but its pretty sad the place is closing it’s doors down after 21 years. Since then, tons of new sushi spots have opened up and a new Chinese Buffet seems to open up everyday. I will definitely stop by there one last time before the 18th of September and load up on some sushi. At least at Kwan Court, I won’t have to wait a couple hours to just be seated like at Sumo’s.
  • The Chick-Fil-A is probably about 5-7 months away from opening in Wichita. I must admit to you all that I have never had Chick-Fil-A. I’ve heard everything from its like heaven to it’ll change your life. So be forewarned the expectations have been set very high. The new free standing location will be at Central and Rock at the old Coastal gas station or as many east siders called it, “Kapaun Coastal”. I’m pretty sure the parking lot behind the gas station had its very own Fight Club for many high schoolers. I look forward to the new Chick-Fil-A opening up and seeing if it’s worth all the hype.
  • I stopped by Bonefish Grill last night for dinner. I haven’t been there to eat since Newport Grill opened up but figured I should give it a chance. Dinner began with crab cakes and the very famous Bang Bang Shrimp. Both were to die for. Very delicious. For dinner I had the Grouper with mashed potatoes, brocoli, and Pan Asian sauce. I was let down by it. I’m not sure what Grouper is supposed to taste like, but it wasn’t that tender and lacked some flavor. The music was pretty loud and annoying yesterday but that could possibly be attributed to the long weekend I had in Missouri. Service was excellent as usual. The ambiance I still feel is better at Newport. I’m sure had I had the ahi tuna or salmon at Bonefish I would be more pleased.
  • I was asked what my favorite spot for sushi was. I’ll give two answers. For the West side: Kanai. For the East side: Wasabi. I’ve been to pretty much every major sushi spot in Wichita so I think that’s a fair answer to give.
  • I heard Andover Days has a hot dog eating contest coming up soon. Let me tell you, I am VERY tempted to enter it and represent “Wichita By E.B.”. I have two fears though. Death by choking. Or throwing up and having it filmed.
I would also like to give some thanks to everybody who’s been sharing the blog. I’ve had lots of positive e-mails in the past couple weeks. They are very much appreciated.
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