Quick Hits – 08/28/11

Quick Hits 08/28/11

  • Just received word that the westside Timberline Steakhouse & Grill has closed after 14 years in business. Some people may have not liked it but I always enjoyed Timberline. Everything was reasonably priced and I always received good service there. It wasn’t an Outback Steakhouse but when Outback was too busy, Timberline was always a short drive away and would seat you promptly. Looks like the owners are now focused on Freddy’s Frozen Custard which is probably a better business decision given the economy.
  • Intrust Bank Arena holds another event Tuesday night and it’s sure to be filled with children and possible River Fest attendees. WWE (previously known as the WWF) comes to Wichita to host their tv show WWE Smackdown which will be aired on television. I’m actually going to be in attendance with a group of friends. No, I will not be wearing a wreslting t-shirt. No, I will not be supporting a mullet. No, I will not be bringing a long a bunch of kids in all in matching wifebeaters. But will I bring a sign that says, “WichitaByEB.com”? Doubtful. I’ll go and enjoy myself in the men’s soap opera that is the WWE. I have fond memories of my father taking me to see the old WWF when they would come to Wichita. Plus with nothing on TV for me to watch Tuesday, it’s a good filler until the Labor Day weekend.
  • Stopped in by Bob and Luigi’s on Sunday night for some post fantasy football draft dinner. It’s located at 37th and Woodlawn. I guess it’s a big Heights High School lunch stop, I wouldn’t know. Let’s just say I was less than impressed. After having pizza during the fantasy draft, I went the lasagna route and was unsatisfied. One of my buddies had a Club sandwich or something of the sorts. When it arrived he was actually quote as saying “Did I order the vegetarian sandwich?” There was seriously just one very thing slice of meat on there. Horribly priced for what he got. Two other buddies split a pizza and enjoyed it. I should have went that route for with eating pizza on Sunday afternoon and knowing I’m going to eat it Monday night at another draft, I passed.
  • We’re about a month and a half away until Shocker basketball. I’m anxiously awaiting the season. We have a much better non-conference schedule ahead. With the loss of Graham Hatch, JT Durley, Gabe Blair and Aaron Ellis, we’re going to new many new faces to contribute and some returners like Ehimen Orukpe and Garrett Stutz to improve. My group has already purchased our season tickets and are even headed to Puerto Rico for the Tip Off Tournament. How cool would that be to play Turgeon in the second round? November can’t get here soon enough. Go Shox!
  • Were any of you readers in attendance at the Wichita Crawl for Cancer? I was, absolutely great time. I’m definitely always game to participate in a cause for cancer for personal reasons. There was a great turnout on Saturday afternoon for it. This was my first year participating and I already can’t wait for next year. I think I’ve finally recovered from it……………
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