Two Recent Closings In Wichita

Some of you may or may have not heard but there were two closings in Wichita lately (One for sure is closed now; the other is closed or about to be).

These two were so obvious I’m about 99% I received a fortune cookie that predicted it. Press and Linkhaus.

These are both places I’ve been to many times and probably would have given them both bad reviews had I gone there for Dining by the Alphabet on my first experience. Why did they close? Here are my opinions.

This was a wine bar out east in the Waterfront in the old Sabor building and before that the absolutely horrific Pizztro’s. It was like an Oeno of the East. When I say “Oeno of the East” it reminds me of the Saved by the Bell episode where “Jessie tries to get into Stansbury, The Harvard of the West.” (yes nothing says loser like Saved by the Bell references). Anyways Oeno was dimly lit inside had a limited menu of finger foods that couldn’t fill a newborn baby. Many of the finger foods or as most of us would call them “appetizers” were still priced high and not worth it. The place tried to pull itself off as an upscale wine place that just didn’t draw well. Other times I would go in, the place was dead.

Upscale Hot Dogs. Talk about a horrible business plan. If you’ve ever driven by the building at 37th and Rock near the QuikTrip, its quite a site to see. Very eye appealing. I was excited when I heard about the place opening up with all their TV’s, selection of beers, etc. The very first time I went in with a group of friends during a lunch hour it was a total disaster. The food took a long time to reach us (we all ordered hot dogs, how long does that take?) And worst of all everybody spent about $10 for a cup of tots and a single hot dog that had a few toppings that would continually fall of the bun. Then from there the word of mouth went around work, friends, everybody. It spread like wildfire. I heard from so many people about their disagreement with the place. Much later they would lower their prices but it was all too late. Their fate was sealed. $10 hot dog and tots is not going to do well in Wichita especially when next door at QuikTrip you can get a dollar hot dog that taste the same.

Hopefully other restaurants coming to Wichita will learn a lesson or two from Press and Linkhaus.

Makes me want to go to all the froyo places in Wichita and drop off fortune cookies that say, “Law of averages state one of you guys will not last through the Froyo Craze.” Who will be the first to go? I dunno but that’s my uneducated guess.

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