Local Wichita-Area Pumpkin Patches

I asked a while ago on Twitter and Facebook (Haven’t liked us or followed us? Do so today!), what the best Pumpkin Patch in the Wichita area was.

The majority of people responded with Walter’s Pumpkin Patch.

Oddly enough, Kansas.com posted a list of the local area Pumpkin Patches. So here it is for your reference:

* Applejack Pumpkin Patch, 10007 SW Indianola Road, Augusta. Information: 316-733-8909 or http://www.applejackpumpkinpatch.com/.

* Cox Farms Pumpkin Patch, 6059 S. Seneca.
Information: 316-524-8062 or http://www.coxfarm.com/.

* Munchkin Pumpkin Patch, 1031 N. Hoover Road, Peck. Information: 316-209-6378 or http://munchkinpumpkinpatch.com/.

* Walters Pumpkin Patch, 10001 NW U.S. Highway 77, Burns. Information: 316-320-4150 or http://www.walterspumpkinpatch.com/.

I have never been to any one of these but hope to do so sometime this October!

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