Quick Hits: 10/18/11 (El Agave, The McRib, and Pacific Coast Pizza)

Lots on my mind. So let’s get some of those quick hits started right about………………


  • El Agave opened up the other week. It’s on Rock Road just south of 96. I had a chance to go in with some friends for dinner. I didn’t take any pictures, do any sort of review. I will note a couple things. I tried their Jalisco Burrito. It was pretty good, nothing memorable. Their salsa was tasty but tons of onions inside it. The service was excellent but the food was just another meal to me. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have a great pallet for Mexican food but this place tasted like any other Mexican restaurant. I’m willing to give this place another try once things settle down for them. For as busy as they were on the Friday night I was in, they did an excellent job of keeping up with business. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll go back in and do a full review.
  •  A Popeye’s will be opening up on North Rock Road across from the Northrock shopping center area. It’s the old Taco Tico building in front of the Sprint store (which I might add is the best place I’ve ever received customer service in the phone industry, North Rock Location). I love Popeye’s and think it’s the best fast food chicken joint in Wichita. Cajun Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Their red beans and rice, oh my, I know where I’m headed after work…………
  • The McRib is back in Wichita!!! I didn’t even know until my brother texted me to let me know that it was back. No commercials, no e-mails, no anything (double negative, I know). Regardless I went in and purchased two. Ate them, Smiled. Went back the next day for two more. Repeat process. If you don’t know by now, I’m an avid McRib fan. I get them every time I’m in Wichita. If they made an iPad app or Android App with a McRib locator I’d be downloading it right now. This is pretty gross but I actually have a McRib sitting in my refrigerator. I know where I’m headed after work………….
  • I must be honest with everyone. I’ve been absolutely fed up with the quality of lack thereof of customer service offered by Pacific Coast Pizza. I’ve said it many times; I’m a huge fan of their food. But the customer service has just been absolutely wretched lately. A couple Friday’s ago, I wrote them an e-mail pacificcoastpizza@gmail.com (or whatever address was listed on their website) to let them know how I felt. Gave them examples of the multitude of times we’ve been in. It went without reply. So I wrote on their Facebook wall to just give them a hint to check their e-mail. Let’s see if that one is received. I know where I’m NOT headed after work………
  • I’m interested in checking out Ciao Italian Kitchen that just opened up. It’s in the old Press/Piztro’s/Sabor building (not in that order). I’m interested in playing a game though. How many different restaurants will be in that building by 2015
  • Letter O is still on the table and up soon. I’ve really lacked any motivation for this letter.
  • Less than a month left until Shocker basketball. The excitement for it hurts my brain.
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