Davis-Moore 1. Eddy 1. A win win!

First I will preface this all with “This is not a paid advertisement by anybody.” The people involved with this blog are not related to me, friends with me, acquaintances or pets of mine. This blog is not fictional, if you hear about someone in this blog that is a real life person, that person in fact is actually real.
Car shopping. It’s one of the most annoying and tedious things to do. Of all the things to shop for I’d put it in the top five of annoyance levels.
1.) Car
2.) Belt
3.) Gifts for my Parents who are hard to buy for
4.) Cell Phone Batteries
5.) House
After a few weeks of car shopping I am finally finished. I ended up purchasing a car through Davis Moore through one of their salesmen named Mike. If you are interested in a car, tell him Eddy sent you. He works over at the Nissan lot.
Seriously, Mike was the most genuine guys I had the pleasure of doing business with in the three weeks I spent looking for a car. Wasn’t pushy, cocky, annoying, none of that. He was just another average guy like me trying to make a living. Someone said it best; he might be too nice to be a car salesman. I understand that being a sales guy you have to know when to push to try and get the sale. It’s a fine line to where if you push too hard it can be annoying. Mike was nowhere close to that line.
I went to dealerships like Rusty Eck Ford and Mel Hamilton Ford and came across some of the cockiest salesmen. Guys who would brag to me about how much they’ve sold, how good business is doing, throw me lines that went over my head to make them try to sound smart. Kind of slimy at times too attacking other lots and the business they do. Guys who would ask me “What are you trying to accomplish here?”, “You DO know what this is right?” Annoying.
But at Davis Moore, they made “car buying fun” or actually not as annoying. I’m sure some people have had great experiences at Rusty Eck Ford or Mel Hamilton Ford or horrible experiences at Davis Moore. Just like going into a restaurant, the type of service you can get varies on the person and the timing of it all. But on this past weekend, all the stars aligned and the service was spot on.
Good Job Mike. Good Job Davis-Moore.

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  1. Car salesman rank right up there with realtors in industries needing an overhaul. Why do we pay a realtor 3%-6% to let us in the front door? I'm perfectly capable of driving myself around town. I'm perfectly capable of doing an internet search for properties. I DON'T NEED A REALTOR.

    Buying a car is one of the worst experiences in the world. Or was, anyway, until I figured out a way around it.

    Determine the make/model you want, along with colors, features, etc. (Note, this really only applies to new cars).

    Now, send a FAX to every dealer in the area that could get the car. Explain in the FAX that you won't accept anything less than the exact car described, and won't accept phone calls or emails. Put a deadline for bids in it, like Friday at 5PM.

    What you will end up doing is shaking out the 3 or 4 who say, "Hey, just come on in and we'll work something out". You'll shake off the other 2 or 3 who don't need the business and don't respond.

    What you're left with is hopefully 3 or 4 dealers who will return accurate bids. Yo take the one that suits you best, walk in with your money, and buy it. No haggling involved. (And WHATEVER YOU DO – don't finance through the dealer, and DO NOT SHOP BY MONTHLY PAYMENTS).

    The look on the salespersons face is priceless when they realize they can't bend you over with needless upgrades and finance charges.

    Try it! Until we rid the world of car salesman and make them all fixed price, this is your best bet. And I wouldn't shop Davis Moore strictly because I'm sick of Dawson Grimsley's ugly mug in every commercial and charity event. Charity? My a**. If he's so charitable, do it anonymously. Oh wait – that wouldn't sell cars…..

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