Quick Hits 12/4/11: Jersey’s and U-Grill

Quick Hits 12/4/11

Surprise Surprise U-Grill has closed. The restaurant lasted about two months. I went there twice right when they first opened and never returned. Guess that says a lot about how much I liked the place especially considering how close they are to me for lunch and I chose other places. Here’s the U-Grill blog I wrote a while back: http://wichitabyeb.blogspot.com/2011/09/u-grill-informational-review.html

Stopped by Jersey’s Bar and Grill real briefly over the weekend just to see what it looked like and to meet up with some friends. Looks nice inside, reminds me of a B.G. Bolton’s with how the place is setup but with more signed jerseys, pictures and helmets. They place is setup in sections and areas are walled off so it doesn’t look as open and big. One of my friends said they make great chicken fingers. My reply, “You have to suck pretty bad to mess up chicken fingers.” But hey, it is possible! The location is definitely off the beaten path so I’m going to stay tuned and see if they can make it. I wish them the best but they have an uphill battle ahead of them. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, it’s over at 3213 N. Toben Road (near K-96 and Webb) in the old Johnny Carino’s building. They are open til 2 am. Here are a couple pictures of the inside.


Yes, I know the second picture quality was a little crappy
to say the least!

What is it about Northrock Theatres that is so dirty inside? It’s too bad their impending end will mean Bill Warren holds a near monopoly on theatres in Wichita. Competition is always nice. Went to see The Muppets (not by myself!!!) at the Warren. Place was sold out on all showings so we were stuck going to Northrock. Place is so rundown. I remember when it first opened and was one of the best theatres in Wichita. How times have changed!

Who all went to the UNLV game Sunday? Place was rocking! Loudest the arena has been all season. That mark will probably be bested on NYE when we play Creighton. Huge marquee win for the Shockers at home. If UNLV can grab some more big wins like against Wisconsin or Cal, that can only help us out more. Tough week ahead of us with Tulsa and Utah State on the schedule. Anybody else going to the Tulsa game? We’ll for sure be there!

With the holidays over and everything, it’s time to get back on this Dining by the Alphabet ride. We return I hope this week with Letter Q.

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