Project Minimum Wage: Day Three

Day Two Over.

One thing I’ve learned is that for cheap entertainment “Redbox is your best friend.” With that said, I finally saw “The Help”. Not sure I would have watched this otherwise but my god; this is the best movie I’ve seen in all of 2011 if not longer.

Yesterday’s biggest purchase was gasoline. It was a hard pill to swallow to see $40 go out like that. That put me down to $331. I’m already into day three and have spent nearly $100 of my budget.

For dinner yesterday, it was rice, asparagus and tuna. That dropped me down to $324. Then take into account “The Help”, I’m at $323.

Something I’m seriously considering for this month: dropping cable and my DVR. Its two things I haven’t been able to live without but I don’t need NFL Redzone anymore. All the NFL games I can watch on regular TV or at a friend’s house because people who live on minimum wage….do have friends. Other TV shows I could always watch online. That would save me $60 which would be prorated to whatever. I’ll have to make my decision after the Evansville game tonight.

Been trying to think of other ways to cut costs. I was called a clown sometimes in school so I wonder if anybody would hire me as a clown at their kid’s birthday parties this month.

I still have to do some real grocery shopping instead of going to the store on a daily basis when I figure out what I want for lunch or dinner.

I can really feel the burn right now in my wallet. Ugh……


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  1. I cut my cable and do the free over-the-air channels now. Just have to buy a digital box and antennae at Best Buy, not a huge deal. I don't know how much gaming or streaming you do on your computer, but I also cut my internet to the slowest speed and don't notice a difference at all (but I'm just a light YouTuber and iTunes kinda girl).

    Cooking in large quantities (like a huge pot of chili or stew) and buying store brand foods (like for rice, beans, etc.) are my tips today.

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