Project Minimum Wage: Day Two

Entering into Day Two of Project Minimum Salary and I’m starting to wonder whether this is worth it. Just looking at my calendar for the month of January and I’m already starting to count how much each event may cost me and what that leaves me for the rest of the month.

Yesterday for lunch, it was breakfast: eggs, biscuits and bacon. For dinner, I broke down and had CiCi’s. That will be the only time during the week I eat out. It just started getting late and I was so hungry from not gorging myself with food at lunch. At least I’ll have breakfast food to cook another time and the comfort in knowing I may have helped CiCI’s afford to live another day.

Currently down to $371 out of the $380 allotment I have. This morning it will be oatmeal for breakfast. Exciting. That’s likely what it will be for most days; at least that’s high in fiber, right?

The worst part of today is I’m going to likely need to put gas in my car. That’s going to take a huge hit out of the money I have along with still needing to purchase groceries for the week (hopefully two weeks).

I’ve thought of some ways to try and get by: go to hotels after work, tell them I’m staying there and get free drinks at their bar downstairs. Stop by the Kansas Star Casino and put everything I have on black to double it up. Sit at the corner of 21st and Rock and beg for money. Get a fake ID for each day of the month with a different birthday listed so I can get a free meal each day.

I’m going to pass on those ideas in the meantime unless times call for desperate measures. Let’s see how Day Two goes before all that……..

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This blog marks my 100th blog on I’d love to go celebrate over a bottle of wine or something. Box wine for dinner?

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