Project Minimum Wage: Days 13 and 14

Days 13 and 14 out the door. Started off those days with a $197 budget and once again took a huge hit after I was allotted roughly $10 per day.
Things were going fine on Day 13 with lunch and dinner all taken care of, no major expenses. Day 14 comes along, all is going well. Brought my lunch to work and planned to go see the Shocker game with a big group of friends (very nice win by the way, Toure was a beast for not just the closing minutes but the entire time).
$29 later, here I am writing this blog. And that’s $29 with a $3 off coupon which I felt kind of cheap using. It’s $3 but that three was a third of the day’s budget almost. Paying for one other person is hard on a man’s wallet making only $7.25 an hour. Pretty sure if I was making minimum wage, I wouldn’t date, get married, have kids, adopt a pet, and possibly even drink. If I was making minimum wage, I probably wouldn’t even be doing this blog or eating at Newport Grill, Bonefish, Chester’s, etc.
So fourteen days in and I’m left with only $168. At sixteen days, that’s $10.50 per day. Don’t plan on spending a single dollar today because I have the Brad Paisley concert tomorrow along with a needed tank of gas within the week that’ll set me back $40. I have an outing with friends within the week that will probably set me back. Things are getting tight. It sucks to know that I only have $168 for sixteen days or technically $128 because I know gas will be needed soon.

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